Protecting your home investment

As a Realtor, I often see families having trouble making their house payment.  I have also witnessed what this does to the parents but also the strong negative impact to the children involved.  Soon, everyone is afraid to answer the phone because of the dunning tactics of mortgage companies.  Mailboxes are flooded with default correspondence.  ...more

What Part of "Squalor" Don't You Understand?

I would ask that you not get me started on this whole housing crisis thing, except that I've already decided to get started without you. Come with me in the Wayback Machine to 2005, when gas was still less than three bucks a gallon but a 2000 square foot home was pushing $450K, in the country's fastest-growing, least desirable suburb: Elk Grove, California. Ask anyone from the Sacramento area who changes their underwear every day, if they had their druthers, would they live in Elk Grove? ...more

What Do Tijuana, Mexico and Hudson, NY Have in Common?

Some thoughts about an article that I read today in the NY Times that made me squirm a bit. ...more

Subprime Mess Only Getting Worse

So over the past year the subprime mortgage industry has gone straight down the tubes. So what is on the horizon? Much worse. ...more