What's Trending: Barn Doors

An interior design trend that has been popular in our homes are interior barn doors.  I think the reason for this trend is that using these doors are a great way to create interest and uniqueness.  However, when deciding to use barn doors, you will need to have the amount of wall space on either side of the door opening as the width of the door(s).  So yes, they are great for small areas where you are lacking in an actual door swing space, but there does have to be adequate wall space by the door opening....more
I love them. They don't go with our house so I won't have them but I love them.more

It's All in the Details: In-Cabinet Lighting & a Giveaway

Lighting is such an important part of interior design.  When looking at the lighting and electrical plans of clients' homes, I'm not only looking to make sure there is enough task lighting for each room, but also that there are decorative options as well.  I want to make sure I have outlets for lamps, picture lights, clock plugs, spot lights, in-cabinet lighting, etc.  All of these together help create the ambiance in a room.  Also, I like for all my light switches to be put on dimmers, this helps control the ambiance as well can help with you electricity bill....more

It's All About the Details: Window Design

In new construction window style is one of the earlier selections made with the architect (coordinating with the home's architecture) , shown on the blueprints.  When I'm working with my client, we will review the exterior at the beginning for material selections called out on the blueprints.  And occasionally we will change the style of the windows, from paned to lite or vice versa, square to round, etc.  Also, I help my client decide on type of window material, glass, finish, hardware, etc. ...more

It's All in the Details: Kitchen Hoods

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a main central gathering space for families and entertaining.  The kitchen's design and ambience is very important, and like the fireplace in a space, the kitchen hood generally is the main focal point of a kitchen.  They can be hidden or seen, large or small, and designed country to sleek.  I generally ask my client at the beginning of the building stage if they want a stone hood.  That is due to the fact that the builder will have to build that hood wall with more reinforcements to hold the stone's weight. ...more