How to Clean Your Living Room

The living room is the place where people invite guests, have family reunions and mainly spend a lot of time there. A living room has to be nice, clean, tidy and most of all – comfortable, so all your guests and of course you, can have a good time. Cleaning a living room may be really troublesome depending on the achieved clutter level....more

What Did College Really Teach Me?

When you're in high school you can't wait for college. Once on campus, you yearn for graduation. It's always about preparing for that "next step". What happens once you graduate to "real life". Then what? Lady Unemployed looks back and ahead in this reflective post that ponders - why wasn't I told more about the "how" of pursuing my dreams? ...more
What college taught me: how to snort cocaine. Alas, true story.more

Read to Feed: Your Guide to Gluten-Free Groceries

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide (5th Edition) by Dave Morris, Bob Stamatatos and the Triumph Dining Team Publisher: $24.95...more

How to Photograph a Conference

In an interesting turn of events, my professional photography career has led me beyond the field of pretty pictures of food and down the path of events and conferences. I'm not complaining. It may be hard work, but it represents, to me, a chance to apply my photography skills to another field and to capture the dynamism of life in a conference setting. On the surface, conference photography has a rather mundane and unglamorous quality about it. And, to a large extent, it is....more
Thanks, I'm photographing a local conference this weekend and these tips will surely help. ...more

How To: Long Lasting Lipstick

Every lady knows that a well applied lip colour can make of break her entire look whether going out on a date, just hanging out with friends, lounging at the beach or even going to work. There are several tips and tricks handed down over the years as regards getting your lipstick to last all day. At the risk of getting lost in the blogosphere, I would like to share my own tips to long lasting lipstick.I actually put up a picture of a lipstick look I had on 2 weeks ago. My lipstick lasted for 15 hours and I promised to share my application tips....more
That's  a beautiful lip color! I've heard all the tricks about making traditional lipsticks stay ...more

Book Review: "My Own Worst Enemy: How to Stop Holding Yourself Back"

"Just who do you think you are?" sneers an all too familiar voice.  "Who do you think you are to live your dream? to share your knowledge on a subject legitimated by your education, publications and talents? to be true to yourself? to say no to someone other than your children?" We recognize the questions because they hit us regularly like unmerciful waves. And the voice?...more

Point-and-Click Tips: Cropping Photos to Improve the Visual Effect

Cropping is a useful tool for photo improvement. Though it sounds like an easy trick, cropping is more art than science and you need an eye for it. Still there are some general guidelines that can help you improve the visual effect of your photos.Focus in!...more

Wedding Secrets: Part 2 As promised, here is the second installment of wedding secrets to help any stressed out bride-to-be plan her perfect day. Happy planning!Tip 1: Don’t Force the Fiancé...more

How to Make Oven-Dried Tomatoes

I like cooking with sundried tomatoes, adding them to recipes that call for their canned or fresh kin (like this recipe for risotto...more