Make A Purse from a T-Shirt: 5 YouTube Channels for DIY Arts and Crafts

Remember the artsy-crafty girl in high school who made her prom dress out of second-hand finds and came to school carrying bags she made out of recycled materials? I was always secretly jealous of her, being that I was the girl who was impressed with herself when she actually finished a whole friendship bracelet. But whether you’re the girl with the crafts or the girl with craft-envy, YouTube is laden with channels giving ideas on how to continue being handcrafted-chic and showing the creatively-challenged how to start. ...more

I could have written this comment. LOL

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Tricks That Give Your Videos Sparkle!

In this video I highlight four simple things you can do to help make your videos more attention-grabbing and fun: Music, text, easy editing, and transitions. Part 2 of my series teaching you the art of vlogging. ...more

Awesome tips, Jenny on the Spot! You've given me ideas!


Anyone Can Vlog!

Have a camera? Have a computer? Then YOU CAN VLOG! I often hear folks say they can't create a vlog because they can't edit, or add music, or perceive that the art of vlogging is just too hard. I say, NU-UH! ...more

That was fun to watch.

I have some reservation about this, though I know it would be really ...more

How to Use CSS Magic to Create Rounded Corners on Your Blog

There's a new version of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the works: CSS3. With this new set of rules for styling your blogs and web pages, you can do things that previously could only be done with images. One bit of magic that you can do with a CSS style rule now is make rounded corners. You can apply rounded corners to borders, fieldsets, or anything that has a border line around it. ...more

That's another of the great CSS3 things you can do with a style that used to require an image to ...more

Get Out Your Bike-- It's Summer!

Thanks for reading... looking for information about parenting a child on the autism spectrum, click here we can help.  Peace here and around the world, Angela...more

Tips, Resources and Inspiration for Creating a Custom Twitter Background

We all love Twitter and their default backgrounds are nice, but wouldn't you like something a little more "you"? Something to match your website or just reflect your own personality? In this post, I'll show you some guidelines for creating a custom Twitter background, as well as some helpful resources in case using Photoshop isn't your thing. Away we go! ...more

Love it! Personalized Twitter backgrounds are a MUST for brands and personal brands :D

I had ...more

12 Rules for An Incredible Dinner Party

"I want to be the hostess with the mostess!" ...more

Ladies, I can't wait to hear about the results! Happy hosting! Kate

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Chicken Stock

I am a big fan of homemade goodness, but I realize that many people simply don't have the time for certain things.  Chicken stock is NOT one of those things.  Everybody has time to make this and just needs the motivation to get moving.  It's so super good for you and adds flavor to many dishes.  Chicken Stock ...more

What Are Blog Metrics?

Blog metrics are a way to measure the success (or at least the popularity) of a blog. In this article I will introduce you to several of the sites that are most popular for determining a blog's success: Google PageRank, Technorati, Digg, and Alexa. Whether you put any stock into them is your call. (wink) ...more

Not sure what's going on with Technorati these days.  Many logs don't get indexed.  Links do ...more

Take Control of Your Life!

Mid-life may be bring unexpected challenges, but that doesn't mean you can't be in control of your life. In fact, if you're not, then something or someone else is. ...more