How To Get the Most Out of GoodReads

According to the post I wrote, Top 5 Reasons I Prefer GoodReads to Facebook, it seems that I am not alone in the matter. It also seems that there are people who could use a little bit of help figuring out how to best utilize GoodReads. ...more

You can set up an author page at GoodReads, which will help a little (people like to see that ...more

Turn Egg Shells into Mini Herb 'Eggling' Gardens

Whoa, finally.  Spring has sprung. For short-summered gardeners like me, it is particularly important to get started early.  My gardening team and I start many tender annuals indoors.  We avoid purchasing seedling trays or pots and try to start most seeds in biodegradable handmade pots.  Cardboard tubes, newspapers, grapefruit halves are great options—we use eggshells....more

Absolutely love it. I have been using toilet tissue rolls to start my seeds in but they always ...more

Seed Starting 101- How to save money and start your own!

As we move through spring (way quicker that I'd like to be moving!), have your thoughts turned to gardening? Since I've gotten more and more interested in planting and growing my own food, it seems that gardening is never to far from my mind, even in the dead of winter!  ---I'm on the road to find out--happy home

Top Five Ways to Fight "Blogger Block"

Are you staring at the blank screen in front of you? Is the blinking cursor putting you into a trance? Maybe you are lightly drumming the computer keys over and over? You have been waiting. Waiting for “IT” to come. You know. The thought. The phrase. A sentence. SOMETHING! You straighten up in your chair, take a deep breath and…. Nothing. ...more

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I am working on your request and it is almost finished! :) more

How to Use Fashion Tape

In the meantime, here are a handful of quick and easy uses for fashion tape to tide you over. Don’t go thinking that this invention exists for the sole purpose of preventing celebrity nipple slips. No indeed, double-sided fabric-friendly tape is incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful, as my post title implies. ...more

Hollywood Fashion Tape is a godsend. I started using it for wrap tops (being small of boob, as ...more

Dramatic Eyeliner Made Easy

The other day, I read a friend's post on how to wear black eyeliner without looking like a cast member of The Craft. She had a bunch of really smart suggestions, but when I finished reading, I found myself thinking, "Oooh, but what about ..." and it was then that I had an epiphany: I have a lot to say about dramatic eyeliner. Who would've guessed? ...more
Great post. Getting my eyeliner right has been a lifelong quest for me. I am still trying to ...more

How to Write (Better): 12 Steps for Writing a How-To Article

Writing a good how-to article is harder than most people think. I know this, because most of the how-to articles I come across on the internet are down-right terrible. They often assume a level of expertise that the reader does not possess or neglect to mention entire steps that would get the reader from step three to step four without causing them to rip out handfuls of hair. My how-tos, though, are quite fantastic, and I am here to tell you how to do it, so that when you decide to share your knowledge with the world, you can do it better than everyone else. ...more
You've made some good practical tips here and I'm going to add at least 2 of them to my How tos. ...more

How To Write a Killer Book Review

I’m going to upset a few people with this article. Why? Because I'm turning the idea of a traditional book review on its head. I’m going to argue that online book reviews should be different to traditional, printed reviews. Before I go on, a caveat:...more

Make A Purse from a T-Shirt: 5 YouTube Channels for DIY Arts and Crafts

Remember the artsy-crafty girl in high school who made her prom dress out of second-hand finds and came to school carrying bags she made out of recycled materials? I was always secretly jealous of her, being that I was the girl who was impressed with herself when she actually finished a whole friendship bracelet. But whether you’re the girl with the crafts or the girl with craft-envy, YouTube is laden with channels giving ideas on how to continue being handcrafted-chic and showing the creatively-challenged how to start. ...more

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Jenna Hatfield (more

Tricks That Give Your Videos Sparkle!

In this video I highlight four simple things you can do to help make your videos more attention-grabbing and fun: Music, text, easy editing, and transitions. Part 2 of my series teaching you the art of vlogging. ...more

Awesome tips, Jenny on the Spot! You've given me ideas!