How to Freeze Leeks

Hi Guys, happy Friday! Not only is it Friday, but it's also my birthday :) I have a lot of cake coming at me in the not so distant future....more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Cooking Mistake: An Overcrowded Pan

Overcrowding a pan is a common cooking mistake that can ruin your entire meal. If you've been working and slaving away in the kitchen and can't seem to figure out why good recipes keep causing you disappointment, I can help you: Give your food some space....more

The secrets of sweat

Anyone else hot lately? This seems to be the hottest time of the summer to me and that means its also the sweatiest. (Not sure that’s a real word but roll with me) The warmer the weather the easier it is for me to get a workout started and break a sweat. I tend to associate the intensity of my workouts with the amount I am sweating. Is this true? Maybe… I decided to look deeper into the meaning. Turns out sweat is pretty cool!...more

5 Steps You Can Take to Become a Goaldigger

I didn’t know anything about goal setting until I was well into my 30s. ...more
I'm in my early 30's and goal setting is still something I'm getting used to-mother is now my ...more

How to Create a Simple and Stunning Event in 5 Easy Steps

  How to Create a Simple and Stunning Event in 5 Easy StepsMay 19, 2015 by SARAI HANSEN LEAVE A COMMENT(EDIT)...more

Simple How To: No Mess Cauliflower Prep

    You know you’ve thought it before… I’ll just buy frozen cauliflower florets. The fresh stuff is a pain to prep. Well, of course, it’s easier to just open a plastic bag and toss frozen florets in a bowl to heat but let me tell you, fresh cauliflower tastes so much better than frozen. It has more of an earthiness and if you are lucky enough to get a head of organic, local cauliflower, well you just consider yourself right up there with the lottery winners of the world, my friend. It’s good stuff....more

How to Write a Better How-To Article In 10 Easy Steps

"Really? Is it really that difficult?" a friend asked when I told him I was writing a how-to article about how to write how-to articles. "I do feel a little like Alice going down the rabbit hole," I said. I am here to tell you, though, that yes, it must be that difficult to write a good how-to article, because most of the how-tos out there are terrible. ...more
LOL @ the seemingly simple task of writing a how-to piece. It's totally NOT that easy to do. It ...more

Writing a Novel Based on True Events... Should You Do It?

My Grandmother was in town for the holidays and while at my house - freezing and watching my pathetic attempts to start a fire using my first draft - she asked to read a few pages.I beat around the bush for as long as she'd let me. "I don't know. This is my first draft and my second draft on the computer is so much better.""Computer?" Grandma isn't a technology friend. "Just give me a few pages."...more

Foundation 101

  People have been applying cosmetics to enhance the skin for decades, the earliest bases were more like paint to conceal skin rather than a cosmetic to enhance i...more

Casual Hairstyle

I'm sure you've noticed that I like using the "Topsy Tail" technique.It is so easy and versatile. It makes styles quick and easy....more