things we learn along the way of life

Ive learnd that in life nothing is what it seems we are all on this one path to figuering out life and eventhough were all on the same path we take diffrent roughts to see what way will get us to were we want too be some times we have to start over and try a new path somethimes we get stuck on a path and have to figuer out a way too find out who we are agen i learnd that life ant about beeing cool who has the best close or who hung out with who cause at the end of that chapter on life no ones rely going to cair l have learnd a lot on this road of life and even though i still have  a lo...more

Judge not...

I have been struck lately- like a blow to the head, really.  With how essential it is not to judge other people in the decisions they make for their lives....more

How To Connect To A Man, By A Man

By Man On The Fence He’s back again! Giving us ladies a man’s view on how to connect to the opposite sex. What do you think?  —————————————————————- ...more