Bullyproofing kids ... is it possible?

It's impossible to be bullied if you are sure of yourself and you know who you are....more

"I can't Discipline my Kids because they won't listen to me"

 I hear this a lot from parents. They say they’ve tried everything and nothing works. That their kids are more strong willed, feisty, active, autistic, ADHD, defiant or just more difficult than other kids.Well, I’ve worked with all those kids and haven’t met one yet who doesn’t react positively to discipline. Sometimes more creativity and thought is put into challenges like autism, as our expectations have to be realistic to their abilities. But it’s all good....more
stepparenting I will be watching for this, you have sparked my interest!more

Parents, Take Control & Get Respect

(I've been given permission to tell this story by my client and her daughter to help others who may be in the same boat.)...more

Your Parent-Esteem Survey

Firstly, I have a lot of new Coaching Programs on the way.  Here is what's available so far, including the next 8-Week Toddler Program starting April 7th.  The current Toddler Program is in Week 4 and I'm getting lots of fun feedback from parents along the way....more

Bossy Toddler ... what to do.

What do you do when your toddler starts bossing you around?  You teach them that this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  Here's an example:...more

Be the FUN PARENT, not the FRIEND

"Be the FUN PARENT, not the FRIEND" is my new phrase as it's such a perfect fit for how I feel about parenting.  I came up with it during last Saturday's appearance on Global TV Morning News; think I said it out loud, but may have just been in my head :)....more

Parents, Do you feel guilty saying "no" to your children?

Do you feel guilty saying “no” to your child?  They look up at you with those big beautiful eyes and say, “Mommy, can I please have another cookie?” even though they just had 2 cookies and dinner is ready in an hour.  Here’s what adds to the guilt, you know they’re going to be upset and may even have a tantrum if they don’t get that 3rd cookie.  It’s just easier to give in to keep the peace....more

How NOT to raise Spoiled Children

I was discussing what you goal as a parent should be:  raise independent, self-disciplined adults.  We're unfortunately raising a society full of self-entitled, self-centered, dependent youths who never seem to grow up.  The better you are at disciplining little ones, the more likely they are to grow into teens who are self-disciplined (less likely to get into trouble, more likely to do their homework, etc.).Here is the video link.Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach...more

Parenting like Gandhi?

I've probably written a few articles about leadership but it's worth repeating.So many parents come to me for help with their kids but they soon learn I'm not interested in talking about their kids for very long.  I want to talk about them.  I'm very direct, honest and down-to-earth in my approach.  I don't care if you feel guilty about all the mistakes you're making as we all make mistakes.  Get past it and just move forward in a positive way.  The most positive way is to focus on becoming an effective leader with your children....more