'How I Met Your Mother' and the Hollywood Love Fantasy

It’s safe to say most How I Met Your Mother viewers were disappointed by the final episode. For me, this show had been going downhill for a long, long time and the convoluted writing of the last episode just confirmed that the writers lost control of the plot several seasons ago. Although I am pretty irritated that Ted and Robin ended up together, the fact is that this show had been failing in my eyes because of its ridiculous portrayals of relationships that weren’t Lily and Marshall’s. ...more
*Finally* Series 9 has also finished in the UK, so at last I can read these posts without having ...more

Dear Lily on 'How I Met Your Mother' -- Yes, Motherhood Is Hard

Dear Lily, You've been on my mind and my heart since the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother aired. While I acknowledge that you are a fictional character, I have become attached to you and your friends over the years. I have laughed and cried with you for eight seasons now. But the other night, dear Lily, I cried for you. Because -- damn -- motherhood is hard, isn't it?...more
My friend is a Childbirth Educator, and I am a doula.  She passes out a card to birth partners ...more

How I Met Your Mother (review) "Farhampton"

Where we left off: Marshall and Lily had a baby boy (who has probably the best name on TV..Marvin Wait For It Eriksen), Ted drove off into the sunset with Victoria who was supposed to be getting married (we already know that she isn't the mother) and Barney proposed to Quinn but in a twist we find out, not that far in the future, Barney will actually be marrying Robin (so so happy)....more


Before Christmas, I'd written a ton of posts that I drafted and saved. I decided a while back to increase the amount I blog, and I think that since that declaration, I've done a decent job of keeping that promise. The goal I set for myself was 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For the most part, I blogged those three days every week, and it has a lot to do with the fact that I would sit down and write a bunch of posts, publish one, and save the rest to post later. ...more

..I tried and didn't work for me, but might for you is a very inexpensive hand held recorder. ...more

A Walk Down Memory Lane: "As We Mature, The Relationship Matures"*

Another blast from the past!  From May 24, 2009......more

New TV Season


Two And A Half Men, Goodbye

I’ve watched Two And A Half Men since it began, not because I was especially drawn to the premise but because there weren’t many half hour sitcoms left to choose from, and that whole CBS Monday night block is a breath of fresh air.  The show must have tons of viewers, since Charlie  Sheen is said to be the highest paid actor on television.  ...more