8 Tips for flying with kids

Long haul flights with small children are no fun.  Our flight from London to Sydney was around 24hrs in total, leaving at 9.30 pm.  Ordinarily we then would have an 8hr wait in Sydney airport and a commuter flight of about an hour down to my Mum's place in Merimbula.  It's hard enough for an adult in good health, but travelling alone with two small children in tow all the annoyances are amplified.  As always the kids were absolutely amazing, and the long trip was made so much easier because of it....more

4 Tips For Making Long Car Trips With Toddlers More...Tolerable

Listen, this post is not going to send you looking for one of those grocery getters with a third row of seats just so you can cram in a few more ankle biters on your family trip to Super Dandy Wilderness Resort.  It will, however, give you a few tips to slightly ease your road trip pain without using Benadryl, ear plugs or idle threats....more

How to get Your Kids to Love Sightseeing!

You know I am a mom of two rambunctious boys.  So many people have asked me ...How did you get them to enjoy sightseeing so much? We have been lucky enough to visit 20 countries in the last 5 years, and they actually enjoyed it,  remember it, and even learned a thing or two! Imagine that!  ...more

The time we woke up in Chongqing, China.

Fifteen hours is a long time to spend on a plane with a four and nine-year old. While our kids have been frequent flyers since they were small enough to fit inside a carry-on – not that we did this, though I might have thought about it once or twice – D and I had some reservations about such a long flight. Would they sleep? Would we sleep? Would they send us screaming down the aisle begging for parachutes somewhere over the Arctic Circle?...more