6 Tips for Writing an Excellent First Draft

Are you a writer faced with a blank page? Check out these tips for writing a first draft from a buffet of published authors, editors, and writers. These writing tips can decrease your fear of writing, and increase your motivation to write your first draft quickly and easily.Remember: "The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes." ~ Agatha Christie....more

How To Write

I’ve been writing a novel since the beginning of time. Okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels like it. In actuality, I started it in 1999 or 2000 and have been working on it, on and off, for twelve years or so. It’s all kinda fuzzy.And I’m only about 160 pages in, so take my advice with a single molecule of salt.The How...more

How to Write (Better): How to Write a Rant

I love a good rant. I love to read them, and I love to write them. I love to read them, because a good rant is smart and energetic and inspiring and often funny. I love to write them, because I get to practice creating something smart (and energetic and inspiring and funny), and because it feels so good to let an argument hang out. ...more
Sorry for joining so late. As one who receives more rants than she writes (because I do not ...more

How to Write (Better): Even Bad Poetry Can Make You a Better Writer

I have had a love/hate relationship with poetry, made up of three parts hate and one part love, for the last thirty years when I first discovered it at the age of seven. I was rebelling against the rote memorization of multiplication tables that year, and I grabbed onto the perceived freedom of freeform poetry as my life preserver in a world that was soon to include a structured summer full of remedial math lessons. ...more
Holy crap!  And you are not the only one...these chicks (below) ROCK!  Eloquent, I know. more

Clearing Space for Creativity

Like most people I have many responsibilities in addition to being a writer, and sometimes (OK often) it’s hard to find the time to focus on my writing.  ...more