Write a Review that's as Sparkly, Interesting, and Delightful as You Are

How exciting that today there are brands so eager to connect with bloggers, and bloggers so eager to write about brands, that there are a hundred billion review blogs in the US alone! (BlogHer Compass Study, 2010.) (No, not really. But probably close.) ...more
This is a terrific post. Thank you!more

How to Write (Better): Even Bad Poetry Can Make You a Better Writer

I have had a love/hate relationship with poetry, made up of three parts hate and one part love, for the last thirty years when I first discovered it at the age of seven. I was rebelling against the rote memorization of multiplication tables that year, and I grabbed onto the perceived freedom of freeform poetry as my life preserver in a world that was soon to include a structured summer full of remedial math lessons. ...more
Holy crap!  And you are not the only one...these chicks (below) ROCK!  Eloquent, I know. more

How to Write (Better): How to Make Your Words Carry More Authority

Writing about writing with authority is really hard. Because that insinuates that I know what I'm talking about, and you might all be sitting back, slurping your coffee and thinking you know, that Rita is pretty full of herself. And therein lies the rub. ...more
I have done technical writing and use the same formula when writing. I draft in point form then ...more

Recapping for Television Without Pity Turned Me Into a Writer

This post has been a long time coming. In fact, it's been so long in coming that I almost don't want to attempt it for fear of not doing the subject justice. The question, posed to me by my BlogHer editor, "What was it like to work for Television Without Pity?" is a large one. It's not a loaded question, as some might think, it's just large. ...more
I think I'd want a TWoP recapper job more than any other job on the planet - don't care if I was ...more