How Howard Schultz Managed To Enhance Starbucks´ Soul

Howard Schultz is everywhere now. At least from three reasons. Starbucks celebrated its 40th birthday on March 30th. Howard recently released his second book "Onward....more

Quit picking on Starbucks.

I like the concept of a coffee culture. Caffeine is my vice of choice and Starbucks enhances the experience. Starbucks didn’t take away any independent coffee shops around here. They were already mostly gone. We have a couple of small, family-run restaurants left, but we didn’t really have a meet-me-for-coffee place until Starbucks built several....more

meant that above comment in response to Rachel.more

CA Women's Conference, Awkward But Good: Men on Work/Life Balance

Among the 15,000 women at Maria Shriver's The Women's Conference, "Men Who Get It" were featured in their own roundtable hosted by news anchor Brian Williams. It may have been the first time four high-powered men awkwardly talked work-life issues while live-streamed over the internet. Williams self-consciously cracked, "Spanx are for when dad comes home at night"; missing were the usual complaints about menstrual pain. ...more

I was very curious to know how this went - I appreciate you taking the time to write about it, ...more