Craft Trend: Arm Knitting! (Learn. Make. Wear!)

Arm knitting has been all over Pinterest for the past year or so, but an article on it (and designer, Andrea Brena) in the Wall Street Journal in December threw both crafters and the yarn industry into a "make it now!" frenzy....more
I am going to give it a try!more

Can We Fix It? Best YouTube Channels for Home Improvement How-To's

I love Home Improvement. I remember watching Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor’s crazy home repair shenanigans and anxiously hoping for his neighbor Wilson to accidentally reveal his face. To this day, whenever anyone asks what time it is, my first response is always "TOOL TIME!" Oh, we’re not talking about the 90s sitcom that consumed most of my childhood? You mean "home improvement" as in leaky faucets, caulking walls, plunging the toilet kind of home improvement? Yeah, my love of that isn’t really comparable to my love of Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa season 4. ...more