8 Practical Tips For Getting HuffPost To Give You The Time OF Day

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DrCurly Good luck!  They are a hard nut to crack for sure.  Keep trying!!more

Five Unbearable Internet Facts That Will Make You Headdesk for the Rest of Your Life

Guys, what are we doing? What is it in our nature that compels us to click on stupid headlines? We already know that whatever that content is, it's not "earth-shattering", it won't "blow our minds" and it probably won't even "melt our hearts". It's very unlikely anything we can read from these aggregates will make us hate humanity, we probably will actually be able to believe it, and you know, the danger probably isn't really in our own home. So, why do we click? Why are we allowing click bait to be a thing? For this, I have no answer....more

Seeing a Frozen McRib is Not Like Seeing Your Grandma Naked

A while back a McDonald’s employee, feeling frisky or maybe just bored, took a picture of a box of frozen McRibs and posted it to the internet.  The internet apparently went nuts.  They were shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED.  The Huffington Post went ballistic over it, heading their article,  “Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life”. ...more

Kids and Privacy: Where Do You Draw the Line?

It all started with a post on Huffington Post. A mother, Kim Bongiorno, admitted that she read her five-year-old child's diary because she was worried that her child was struggling with child-sized fears and she wanted to be able to assuage her child's mind.  What she found instead was love.  A long list of all the things her child loves.  Wheeeeew. Wipe brow and scene. Except that the real story took place in the comment section and all the spin-off blog posts that came from this event: should this mother have read her child's diary, or do kids have a right to privacy? ...more
I have the passwords to my children's online accounts and they know that I can check them ...more

Rebuttal to 8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child

When I first read "8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child", at the Huffington Post, I thought, "Wow. She sounds angry." To the author's credit, the post stayed with me, but probably not in the way it should have. It ticked me off. ...more

(Why) Is "Spinster" a Four-Letter Word?

I am a single woman with no kids. I've been that way all my life. It's by choice, so it's a fine place to be. Eons ago, I would have been called a spinster. Or an old maid.  Old Maid sounds much too heavy, plus I'm reminded of the card game of the same name where the Old Maid is the last thing one wants to be. If you end up the Old Maid in this game, you are the loser. Some might also say this is true in real life.  ...more

Moms of Boys

Facebook is great for seeing the articles that the people you know are reading and which are trending. When I see something "shared" on Facebook by a friend that catches my eye I tend to take the minute to read it. The same goes for when I see something posted numerous times by multiple people....more

It's Girl Friday! (Or What it Means to be an Administrative Assistant)

I came across this interesting tribute to the American secretary this morning on Huffington Post that basically gave the history as to how the Administrative Assistant became known as an Assistant and not a Secretary, not a Girl Friday, and not an Office Wife. ...more

'ARNOLD-HE LAID THE MAID' by Tracey Jackson

 "HE LAID THE MAID"by Tracey Jackson I woke up this morning to Glenn and Taylor yelling, “Arnold Schwarzenegger got the maid pregnant and had a kid by her!”  “Of course he did” was my response. The only surprising element to these types of stories is that they continually surprise people....more

Oz Garcia Lets His Arrogance Show on Huffington Post

Oz Garcia has an article on Huffington Post this morning titled "Normal Weight: Our Definition Is Shifting."Oz Garcia, you make me want to bash my head into a wall.You may be the "Nutritionist to the Stars," but you are using your platform to hurt people, not help them....more