Babbling in D.C.

I love Jon Stewart. I wish my husband and I could be in his circle of friends. I do. I love his wonderful insights on all things, especially when it pertains to the imbeciles, our dedicated men and women in Washington. Who needs the NY Times, The Huffington Post (sorry, Arianna), Fox News (just kidding) when I've got Jon Stewart? But I digress....more

Why I Will Continue to Tell my Daughters that They're Beautiful

I don't think that complimenting a little girl on her looks chips away at her self-esteem. I cannot see how simply telling a girl she's pretty somehow translates into telling her she's not pretty enough. The problem, as I see it, isn't that parents or family or even strangers are remarking on physical attributes positively. The problem is beyond that. It's entrenched in a society that shows women with botox and boob jobs as prettier than the average girl. It's in the magazine spreads and celebrated celebrity lifestyles. It's in the television, as reality stars spend hours in the bathroom to get themselves ready for the next random hookup. It's not us. If anything, I think, our daughters need us to tell them they are pretty more now than ever....more
My girls are both lovely inside and out. My husband and I tell them this and we're specific ...more

Who Won #BrandBowl? Arianna Huffington and AOL in Overtime

My short blog about Bridgestone and Chevy winning #BrandBowl got scrapped before it could even get published this morning when I saw a tweet sometime after midnight announcing AOL bought The Huffington Post. Already in bed, the "What?" I yelled out loud caused my poor dog to jump up and look at me very confused....more

Are You What's Holding You Back from Finding Love?

Why do we hold on to the man who isn’t good for us, our feelings of insecurity and being less-than, or our pattern of picking jerks and liars? These are all self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs, and intellectually we know it. Yet we cling on for dear life, feeling powerless over our unfortunate circumstance....more

CNN and The Huffington Post to Launch Food Blogs: Will They Get It Right?

Both CNN and the Huffington Post announced this week that they are entering the Internet foodie realm. ...more

So great to see there is a surge in people's interest in food! One of my favorite hobbies is ...more