Animated Pirates, Yo Ho Ho!

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"News of the World" Tabloid to Shut Down After Phone-Hacking Scandal

A big shoe dropped today in the ongoing scandal concerning allegations that the British newspaper News of the World hacked the cell phones of more than perhaps 4000 British celebrities, murder victims and ordinary citizens: the 168-year-old Sunday paper will print its last issue and close its doors this coming Sunday....more

Hey Nelle,
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Did you hear about the Morgans?

I watched this movie tonight. I hadn’t watched a movie in a long time. But, I went to the library today and picked up a book and some DVD’s to watch. I was so excited walking into the library after not being in there for a while. The whole premise of the movie is about a couple who witness a crime and end up in witness protection but they are having problems and contemplating divorce and are already separated. I think this movie is about how tough times can bring people together or tear them apart. But, ultimately love triumphs no matter what happens....more