Reading Brian Selznick - Author of Hugo

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comI think we were the last people to see Hugo in the theater and we were really glad we did. It is was fantastic story with even better animation. It also set off an interest in automata and Brian Selznick, the author of the story....more
I love big ole stacks of library books. :) more

Oscar Night in Celebrity Tweets: The Award Goes To...

Nostalgia, Grecian dresses, and the French reigned over last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood and Highland Center -- in case you missed Billy Crystal's crack, Kodak could no longer afford to keep their name on the famous, seriously -- but despite nipple slips, black...more
I agree that the twitter stream made the night. It also told me that I was never engrossed in ...more

Best Picture Dinners: Hugo

The final movie we'll examine in the Best Picture Dinners series is Hugo, Martin Scorcese's homage to the early days of the cinema and the complicated act of unpuzzling relationships between parents and children. It is a stunningly gorgeous film, particularly when viewed in 3D, bringing alive Paris' central train station in the early 1930s. ...more
 @sdgratto I can't remember what you and your colleague had, but I'm sure it was delicious!more

The Real Roots of Hollywood: Why Hugo and The Artist Matter

There’s the adage that we must study history so that we don't repeat the past, but we must study history to respect the past, too. Two of this year’s Best Picture nominees, Hugo and The Artist, celebrate filmmaking in its earliest days. They capture people and places long forgotten by most. For me, much of this history was familiar. These films follow the path of my own family, who began in film over 100 years ago....more
I haven't seen either of them but I love the book that Hugo was based on. - Karenmore

Not In Front of the Kids!