The Therapeutic Hug

The common wisdom is that a person needs four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth. I doubt that this is confirmed by any scientific studies and I doubt that it is true. If it were, there would be millions of people on Earth who would not survive....more

The case for more cuddling

One day when I dropped my son off to school, a little girl in his class came over to greet him with a giant hug and some happy words. My son bared it, the girl walked off and my son looked up at me and said, "These girls - they always want to hug me." ...more

Can You Be Addicted to Your Baby?

Breastfeeding has a subtle but incredible effect on me: It makes me addicted to my baby. I've never thought about it in those terms before, but now that I'm on my third nursling, I actually noticed this pattern. When I'm agitated or upset, the first thing I do is seek out my baby and go cuddle with him, and nurse him if he's willing. ...more

Missed It!

There was a holiday that got missed yesterday amid the excitement of the inauguration and the service performed in honor of Martin Luther King.  Yesterday was National Hugging Day!It's a bit sad, really, that it would take an actual "day" to remind us of the fact that everyone needs a hug now and then.  In our digital world, human contact seems to happen less and less....more

An Added Bonus

As I wrote yesterday, I was in New Orleans for the weekend.  The occasion was a friend's 50th birthday celebration.It was so good to be able to spend time with one of my friends from back home.  I had missed her terribly.  When I first saw her and hugged her, I also realized how much I missed the hugs and touch of a friend. ...more

Give big.

It all comes back to Maya.Nearly a year ago Ms. Angelou stared back at me from the TV and said:You have to give. Give what you have to give.I couldn't say no. More than that, I realized how much I wanted to say yes. How long I'd been waiting for the opportunity to give what I have to give.I wanted to generously give love, and to have it received. I just needed a push....more

Puzzles and Toddlers and Friends to Dinner

Little boy lies in bed in the dark talking to himself, "Sister was crying and Daddy picked her up.  I was crying and Mommy picked me up."  Gosh dang - that's some sweet stuff for my little boy to know about the world.  And the kajillion hugs he keeps asking for at bedtime are pretty sweet too.He's working the system a bit, but he's doing it well and this is a WELCOME relief from all last week....more
@edavis I am so glad it is getting easier for you. Perhaps now you and your Honeys can catch up ...more

Hung Up on Too Many Hugs

My 4y.o. son is Too Darn Affectionate.I’m his mother – so 9 times out of 10 I’m okay with his excessive hugs. But he even drives me crazy … not to mention his brother.   I know what you’re thinking … “but that’s so cute;” “enjoy it while you can;” “what’s so wrong with an affectionate child?”  I may have gone along with you on that – and I have been going along with it. Even when he  .....more

Even 6th Graders Hug Their Moms

So when I had the opportunity yesterday morning to ride to school with Cam, I jumped on it. This is our last year of elementary school, and it feels like a chapter of childhood is closing. Eager to squeeze out every moment I can, we hop on our bikes and quickly head out on the bike path. My big red cruiser is no match for his neon pink BMX bike -- I have to work to keep up. After a few minutes he slowed and said, “You know, Mom, when Lily was in 4th grade she rode to school by herself. Why do you still ride with me?”...more
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Hugs Are Powerful...more