Why Hulu Isn't Safe For Kids and Doesn't Care

On July 14th  I wrote this letter:Dear Hulu,...more

HuluPlus vs Netflix Streaming

I subscribe to both HuluPlus and Netflix (streaming and the dvd) and I get asked regularly what the difference is. So here’s my two cents on them:...more

The TV Trap

Since I started watching it last year, Fringe has become one of my all-time most favorite TV shows of all time.Problem is, I was late jumping onto the Fringe bandwagon, and I’m adamant about watching shows in order, especially when, like Fringe, the show has a complex plot with twists, turns and delightful surprises. I’ve been steadily catching up disc by disc through Blockbuster mail service, but when I hit the end of season three next week, I’m going to have a serious problem....more

Within the World of Cyber-Predatorism, Hulu Just Got a Brownie Point

Last year Hulu was recognized by "taking bold steps to charge for internet content."  I was personally bummed out a bit by this move because I monitor TV and movie content for illustrations to use in my classroom.  A lot....more
It was so cool - I even got an e-mail saying "my credit had been processed." Bazinga! ...more

Tech review: Clicker.com finds your favorite tv shows online

If you are like me you probably don't have time to watch "real" television, that is, shows during their scheduled time slots. That's why I watch my favorite episodes of Modern Family and many other shows online. Thousands of tv episodes including Modern Family are available online but I don't like the hassle of searching through all the possible sources--and there are over 1200 sources!...more

Cool Video Websites that Aren't YouTube or Hulu

When you think of online video, you think of YouTube and Hulu. But those aren't the only two choices when it comes to online video. There are a bunch of niche video websites that showcase professional and home made videos by genre. You may find that many of these videos are also on YouTube, but the difference is that some of these websites have their own communities and how-to guides for creating just the type of video you want. ...more

Thanks for the links i had no idea how many of these sites are out there

Lioness Womans Club ...more

Hulu Introduces Their New Pay Service, Hulu Plus

The money people have finally had their way with Hulu.com. Hulu Plus, a pay version of the free TV, video and movie website, has officially been launched, and it is available in beta version by invitation only. ...more

As I said in the post, Hulu is good and I'll usually check it out if I miss an episode of ...more

Attention Small Biz - Get Ready for New Technology & Social Media Tools

I come as a messenger, and I come in peace. Please remember this as I now announce to you that there is yet more stuff you’re going to have to learn about, adopt and maybe even embrace in the world of technology and social media.  There’re new search engines, communications platforms, gadgets and an endless array of applications on the horizon, some of which you won’t be able to ignore. ...more

and was astounded watching the very long presentation from Google about more

Media 101: Who Owns What in the TV World

If you wanted to boycott a particular TV network because they canceled your favorite show, odds are it might be harder than you think.  Take Fox's show "Dollhouse."  It's one of those "on the bubble" shows and last week my fellow CE Sweetney posted a plea to Fox not to cancel it.  In the comment thread, one angry viewer, Bambi, threatened to boycott Fox and watch Hulu instead if "Dollhouse" gets cut.  I had to give her the bad news that watching Hulu wouldn't hurt Fox in the least, because Hulu is partially owned by News Corp, which also owns Fox.  ...more

That kind of information is only important to people who think more deeply than ...more

What's New At Hulu and How YouTube Is Fighting Back

Last week was the first anniversary of a milestone in online video:  it was Hulu's birthday and across the internet, tech and video gurus alike are taking stock of the popular video site. Just as I predicted in my post about the site last year, Hulu has become a huge hit.  ...more

It never occurred to me because I don't have any hearing issues, but you're right, Hulu ...more