You Are Not A Machine. Why Think As If You Are?

“I’ll add it to the queue.” “Get those wheels turning.” And one of my recent favorites: “Do you have the bandwidth to take on this new project?” What do these phrases have in common? They all refer to human beings in machine terminology. ...more
What a great article!  I fully believe I'd be more productive if I had more downtime in my off ...more

Celebrating My Birthday By Honoring All of Me

I wait in the clearing for them to join me. It is my celebration, after all. The sun is shining, bathing the lea in a warm glow. There is an entire meadow of soft greenery for us to dig our toes into. Nothing sharp, nothing dangerous, nothing to mar our time together. There is just the slightest breeze. The sky is the most pleasant timeless blue imaginable. ...more

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Dreams Some are small, simple, compact. Some are large, like an all-encompassing explosion. Many are a longing to get the bills paid with some change left over. A few are humanitarian and reach out and beyond what the dreamer can see in his own corner of the world. I have a dream, and so do you, and you, and almost everyone. On this day we honor a dreamer most wonderful famous far-reaching assassinated. On this day, let us also honor all dreams and dreamers who aspire for nothing more and nothing less then to better the state of the human condition. ...more