A Memory Sparked by Josh Powell and His Sons

There's a local news story here in the Northwest Region that has made the national news. It's not a pleasant one. In fact, it's one of the most horrible things you can imagine. A man named Josh Powell allegedly killed his two sons in an effort to cover up the alleged murder of their mother. The story has brought back memories from my childhood that are hard to think about....more
hi shannon i don't know if i know you or if you know me....   i live in kansas city, went to ...more

My Nephew's Profound "Yeah" (formerly known as "dickle")

We had a great visit with my girlfriend Delia's family (that link is NOT work safe, FYI). My sister and brother-in-law loaned us Mr. Squishypants (their two year-old son/our nephew) which makes socializing so much easier; he's beautiful, charming and a joy to be around. We had dinner together then went to a big park in Seattle and played until it got dark and we could see the full moon between the trees. ...more