Calling All Baby Giraffes

I just read the Baby Giraffe post on the BlogHer front page.  Then I thought, "Hm.  I'm just going to step out on a limb here." It gave me flashbacks to an incident when I taught high school.  I had a young man ask, "Is it a sin if we try on condoms to see how they work?"...more
Well, this is interesting...after about 20 hours, no questions. That means: 1) too weird to ...more

University FAQs About the World of S-E-X

I’ve been teaching “Human Sexuality and the Family” for four years and I still find myself surprised about what seems to surprise my students.Thinking back to my predisposed assumptions regarding what students would, or would not, discuss out loud in the classroom now seems ridiculous to me....more
@@BehavioralChild Hm. I'm not sure. I know it's not at my house. I do, however appear to be ...more

Little Girls Need to Learn to Breastfeed

Reading a post about a European Breast Milk Baby toy coming to the U.S. had me thinking about the unfortunate hysteria that lingers around breasts in this culture that apparently obsesses about the female sex while bemoaning it....more

teaching my toddler about her yoni

I took the time to shower after lunch today. I figured it had been since Monday and I'd been to the gym both Tuesday and this morning, so I figured it was about time. Showering with my contacts on, I could see it was time for other grooming too....more

Northwestern University, Sex Toys and the Female Orgasm

So naturally, when I read about the controversy surrounding Northwestern University’s Human Sexuality class, I’m utterly dismayed. Here is a professor, John Michael Bailey, who is offering, at last, some semblance of a full sexual education to students who are interested. The class focuses on the science and diversity of sex and offers events for students to explore sexual issues with panels and presenters who have experienced the things being discussed. The events occur after class; they are optional and the content is not covered on exams. ...more
@abgirl Agree with every word you're saying. Especially the last thoughts about porn. I ...more

A Good Day to be Black and Sexy?

 This is my ass. For the last ten or so years every form of mass media has told me that this is not only the best way of measuring my worth as a Black woman, its also innately low class while being the only reason any man would put up with me. My Black ass, a gift and a curse....more

As the oldest daughter of a women whose ass could be compared to a Hottenton, and the recipient ...more

Please help Kimora Klein

When I saw on twitter that Kimora was in a car accident and wouldn't be going to AVN I had no idea how serious her injuries were.  She was tweeting so that means she's okay. I was tragically mistaken. A website has been started to help fans and loved ones send donations for towards her medical care as well gifts to lift her spirits. ...more