Friday Wrap-Up

National Cupcake Day- 02/25/2013

Sweetest Day Of The Year

Hey all.  I live in Canada and we’ve got something special planned for Monday.  Something that combines one of my favourite things to eat and one of my favourite charities to help!Monday is National Cupcake Day for Humane Societies and SPCA‘s!How SWEET is that?  Not only do I get to eat cupcakes but I’m helping animals in need.  Who wouldn’t love that combination?...more

Obama Vick Monologue

I was very upset when I heard about Notre Dame protesting President Obama. I have to check myself to make sure I’m just not being sensitive because of the whole race thing. I have noticed that several persons of color get upset when people criticize Mr. Obama like it is all about him being a person of color. Some of it…maybe, but not all of it. Presidents have always been criticized.  I don’t think I am being sensitive, but who knows. Simply put, I thought it was rude. I have disagreed with President Bush on several things, but when he spoke at our ...more

Speaking out against hunting seals for profit

This week marked the beginning of Canada’s commercial seal hunt. It’s the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth, and it’s an incredibly painful, enraging issue to track. As someone who has an immense love of animals and an immense hatred of animal cruelty, I found myself close to tears today as I read the stories and looked at the photos on the Humane Society’s campaign page. ...more

Cupcakes for Good!

Cupcakes + a good cause = Fun + yum. ...more

How fun!  Thanks for posting about these Fade2Black!more

Pets for Rent?

When I was a kid I begged constantly for a dog. Both of my parents worked, and they told me it wasn't possible. "We don't have the time or the energy to give an animal. It wouldn't be fair to it," my mother would say, smartly ignoring my whining and claims that I was the most underprivileged, dogless child in all the land. ...more

Never mind. I agree - pass!