5 Reasons I Take My Kids Out in Public

Once again, I am seeing a lot of posts about kids. Specifically, I'm seeing all sorts of kid hating on Facebook. Like this gem... It seems that this happens every winter, so let's think about that for a second. It's winter. I'll wait because it's winter and we are all suffering some polar vortex cabin fever and all that... oh wait! Moving on. ...more
This is one of those issues where no matter what you do, you're never going to make everybody ...more

When a Chance Encounter Restores Your Faith in Humanity

That damn teddy bear nearly ruined my morning. Sitting front and center inside the doors of Old Navy, it proudly flaunted its blue scarf and beckoned to be cuddled. It was at least as big as my two-year-old son so, naturally, he just had to have it. “Honey, we aren’t getting a teddy bear today,” I feebly replied to his pleas. “We are just here to get you new mittens.”...more
Wow!I related to this story. Made me laugh and cry.more

We All Have A Pre-Existing Condition

Some health care insurers deny health coverage to individuals with a pre-existing condition. A corporate mentality of pass the buck to save big bucks. A health care hot potato.A pre-existing condition according to wiki is a medical condition that existed before you obtained health insurance. Birth is a pre-exisiting condition. ...more

Photographing Loss

“Ah, another Mass Destruction Family Tour. It’ll be just like old times.” --My brother, Robert Post-Hurricane Katrina, the world tried to digest scores of raw images of the devastating aftermath. A few months later, I headed down to the Gulf Coast to investigate for myself – seeing is believing, as they say. ...more

Feminism and Humanism and Progressivism - Oh My!

After I wrote the story about the woman in Qatif who was gang raped and sentenced to be beaten for it on Sunday, I was depressed and frustrated. My husband asked me what was wrong, and somehow this led us into a discussion the difference between feminism and humanism. If feminism is, at root, a belief that women and men deserve equal human rights (which is how I define feminism), how is that different from humanism, which is essentially that all people have basic human rights? ...more

And in Mexico, Amy Littlefield reports in womensenews about how Oaxaca is Mexico's second ...more