The Danger of Pride and Accusation In Christian Service

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment. – Romans 12:3...more

Modesty: Revisited

Modesty is a touchy subject these days. ...more

A brand new kind of me

It's true. I am unapologetic for taking care of myself and giving myself the attention I deserve in spite of the mountain of things naysayers say and do to deflate me. That doesn't equate to ego- that's confidence. There's a big difference. In fact, I'm far from egotistical and far from self- absorbed like some people I know; with an unhealthy addiction to ‘self.’ Which is how I know the difference. I'm a recluse and an introvert. Contrary to what some might think- I'm an INFJ personality- and with that, you should understand exactly why you misunderstand....more

The Definition of Humility

Remember, We Only See Darkly

A fascinating piece of art captures our life lived on this side of the veil which separates us from the unseen. The sculpture is called  “Alice Through the Looking Glass” located in Guildford’s Castle Grounds (Surrey, UK.) in a walled garden behind the bowling green, close to the house where Lewis Carroll used to live....more

Change Me

Change me. In my own arrogance, and with the idealism of youth, I tried to mold myself into a new, better self all on my own. I immersed myself in the culture and literature of the Church, embracing simplicity and a disciplined prayer life taking myself on  through spiritual direction and inner healing.I spurned materialism and the culture of modern societyas I mothered nine children on a small farmTill exhaustion...more

Honest Prayer

Real prayer Is not a mental exercise, a game. Honest prayer Opens our core, our heart to the Almighty, The Creator of the universe. Such prayer is necessarily humble because He is God and we are not.No room for pride;...more

Get Out of the Way

When we give up striving and trying to save ourselves with our own efforts,  when we finally  get out of His way, God finally has a chance to save us from ourselves.Sometimes God waits till we are almost drowning, exhausted by our own efforts to save ourselves because He knows that this is the only time we will accept salvation on HIS terms.What Jesus did for me, , Yongsung Kim....more

Today I cried.

Growing up, we never had very much. We weren't starving or homeless, but there were times over the years that I didn't have enough to eat. We had a big family: three generations, which included six children, living in the same house, being sustained by two salaries. Times were tough, but it was the only life I had and the only one I knew, so I accepted it. I accepted that I could not have what other people had. I went to a high school where children of rich people attended and I was one of the poor ones....more

Where Do You Stand?

It is Holy Week.  Last night, churches around the entire globe  waited in  prayerful vigil, with lights dimmed, all images covered with the congregation in respectful, sombre silence.  The Church  remembered the end of Jesus’s public life as a teacher and healer and today starts walking with Him as He begins His most important work, the work of salvation in His passion, death and resurrection....more