10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Ruining My Life

Blogging is ruining my life. How? Well, let me jump to it and tell you all about my blog-induced woes. ...more
Ha HA HA this made my night. Thank you. I'm a night person, but Blogging has made me a zombie ...more

Top 5 Mom Items I Wish Someone Would Invent

I've always wanted to invent a new product.  I've had a couple of good ideas, but then I usually discover it's already been invented.This portable potty seat, for example.  Out of pure necessity, I came up with this brilliant idea....more
Great share, I lolled hard. Talking about potty, they might add some chains to it to keep the ...more

Prenatal Paranoia

When I looked at my precious twin sons, especially in their early years, marveling at their innocence and beauty, I often let my finger trace clusters of freckles near their noses. I gently brushed back unruly, brown hair, with enviable red highlights, and kissed the softest skin around their eyes....more

The Last Square

 Why is it that grocery store items are shrinking?  Once upon a time products in the American grocery store were larger and less expensive. Sugar came in a five pound bag, coffee was one pound and toilet paper filled up the holder width wise. Now and days sugar has shrunk to four pounds, coffee is around 12 ounces and toilet paper...well it just isn’t as big as it used to be. Are Americans shrinking? Are cakes and candies smaller? Are fewer people having a cup of joe each morning? No....more

When You're Suddenly The Poster-Child for Miscarriage

So I'm going to be brave here and broach a subject that most people won't even discuss in public. But because I played out the pity party in previous blog posts (can we erase 2012?) I am going to tackle this sensitive topic with humor. If you can't laugh at life, "you're gonna have a bad time."...more
I absolutely love this post - thanks for sharing your brave story, Bethany!more

February reruns.. "How do you do?"

It’s been one of those weeks…… Enough said….. and just because I needed a laugh, I decided to post yet another rerun. The following was posted back in April 2013 – but it still makes me laugh…....more

“Funny Friday”

For two years after “Graduation”, DC attended a transition program through the school system at a local college....more

Forget Kinky - Give me Coffee and Kisses

  The National Retail Federation predicts that $18.6 billion will be spent this year on Valentine’s Day gifts that include jewelry, flowers, candy, and greeting cards. However, many middle-aged couples ignore the hype and prefer a nice dinner with fine wine, a slow dance on the patio, and a tender look that says:“I will love you forever. Have you seen my dental floss?”...more

What Toilet-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself

Published in BLUNTmoms.Some people blame God for life’s difficulties. I don’t. I blame my 6-year-old son. He’s a darling. I love him like crazy. But his bathroom manners have a long way to go....more