We're Almost Through It

Independence Day was this past weekend.  I think that I speak for parents (and dog parents) everywhere when I say, thank god that’s over.  With Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer, the Fourth of July has to be the unofficial middle.It’s also guaranteed to mean that we have now entered the height of the heat for the year.  Yeah!  Under boob sweat for everyone!...more

How to Care LESS What Other People Think - And Be Happier For It!

It took me a lot of practice to be the kind of woman that gives zero f*cks and actively care less about what other people think, because I misunderstood what the ‘give zero f*cks’ mindset is all about. The misconception about women who give zero f*cks is that they have no priorities or passions....more

the paper fortune teller

I don’t know about you, but I made zillions of little folded paper fortune tellers as a kid. Filled with inside jokes, translated into a secret language that no one else could possibly understand. A play staple for little girls on the playgrounds for generations.First introduced in the U.S. in 1928, this clever little origami envelope has been known by many names and uses; Cootie Catcher, Chatterbox, Salt cellar, and Whirlybird....more

Laugh Along With Me...at Me.

I am a very reasonable person. This is what I tell myself on a daily basis. Especially when I do something that looks, well, questionable.For example, just yesterday, my new favorite song came on the radio and I found myself (to the shock and horror of my seven year old daughter) twerking in the kitchen. I mean, how can you not get down to this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMTAUr3Nm6I ...more

Why We Don't Leave Home

 There’s an old expression, “You need to get out more.” It’s good for us to travel and experience new things, but some of us have more trouble coping with the outside world.  Years ago, we went to a Barry Manilow concert. (I know, I am quite ashamed to admit it, but give me a break, I was a teenager in the 1970s. “Weekend in New England” was the romantic torch song of the era.) I purchased advance tickets and shoved them into my suitcase of a purse. ...more

Lice, Ugh

I’ve had lice as an adult three times, in three countries. I hate to brag but it’s the truth.Maybe I shouldn’t admit this so readily but I’m sharing with you now so that if you ever contract lice, you will know, I feel your pain. I’m well-acquainted with your scratchy village. When you, literally, get the itch, you can call me and I will comfort you. And then I’ll submerge myself in tea tree oil in case the vermin can spread via phone waves....more

oh, traitorous nose!

It's That Green Tole With Purple Hair

Things around here last few weeks been wampus. The other day my card that goes into my camera decided to stop working. So Walmart or Staples didn't carry them any more. So I went on Amazon and order one.Now my card work.Yesterday I posted about how I put two items in that special place. That I could find it and now I don't even recall that special place....more

You're not dying on my couch...

To  give this situation some context this excerpt comes from my book One Ovary Down. One to Go. At this point in the book the pain on my right side has become unbearable and has caused me to vomit for several hours. I've already been to the doctor a couple of times before this. Not having any insurance I would go to the doc in the box for check up. Each time they would mistake the pain for my appendix or me passing a kidney stone....more

For Mature Audiences Only

The following story is true and is intended for mature audiences only.   This blog contains:  unspoken cursing, mild peril, sexual innuendos, processed food, and swashbuckling action - not necessarily in that order.  Do not attempt to try any of this at home without the oversight of a professional.  This blog was manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts and soy.  Now sit back and enjoy....more
BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I would have died.  Then again, my "girls" don't have a problem staying tucked ...more