10 Signs You're Ready to Stop Breastfeeding

I recently sailed past the 19 month mark of breastfeeding Declan, and did so with a sigh. I'm grateful for being able to nurse for so long, but the truth is that I'm ready to be done any time now. I started out with a six month goal, which turned to one year once I exceeded my initial length. At the one year mark, I assumed (especially being pregnant twice) that Declan would just self-wean... and soon. Not the case. Pregnancy hormones didn't put him off... ...more
Always so interesting to see peoples different points of view (I personally agree with the ...more

How to Keep Your Long-Distance Friendships Hot

I have a lot of BFFs (or what some on my Facebook page have deemed “breasties”.) Some of them I’ve known since my teens and some more recently in my Mommy years, and I love them all.But unfortunately, I move around. A lot. Or they get married and start a life somewhere besides where we went to college (I know, shocking.)So maintaining those friendships can be tough. Add in multiple kids, work schedules, family issues and everything else life throws at you, and it can be hard to stay in touch....more

Camping with Kids

{All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone. You can expect "real" photos and some videos in the upcoming days. As soon as I recover from our "relaxing" weekend.}...more

10 Sneaky Ways Moms Find Solitude

I have a confession: I sometimes create ridiculous distractions to safely occupy my children long enough to buy me ten measly minutes alone. I suspect that all moms—from June Cleaver to Peggy Bundy—are guilty of this too. If you are like me, then you have also likely attempted one of these bamboozling techniques to score a few minutes of you time. ...more
When I was pregnant and exhausted, I would play "bow me". This is where I let my daughter put ...more

7 Things Mothers Do That Are Taken for Granted

 TP Patrol.We have four bathrooms in this house, and I spend more than my fair share of time ensuring that each one is sufficiently stocked with toilet paper so that no one is left in the lurch after doing their business on the can....more

Give Life a Middle-Age Laugh not a Middle Finger

Because women over age 50 want yet another test, I'm offering the "Midlife Laughter Challenge" for those who still believe that life needs a middle-aged chuckle instead of a middle finger....more
Thanks, Karen. I finally succeeded in inserting the photo. It took 90 minutes, three cups of ...more

Midlife Cabernet: I Never Called Him Daddy

My father died 25 years ago this week. If I could see him again, my first question would be, “Am I still grounded?”He’d probably say, “Yes.”We had a contentious relationship, mainly because I challenged authority and he was determined to break my strong spirit by imposing a limited variety of parenting techniques: grounding or spanking with a wooden board. After my last spanking at age 12, I turned to him and said, “Well, this method of punishment isn’t working for me.” So he grounded me. Forever....more
ElaineAmbrose Absolutely!more

5 Unavoidable certainties of summertime with kids

I remember summer vacations as long stretches of time that rolled out in front of me into forever. The lazy days stacked up as my skin changed colors and my adventures petered out into afternoon snoozes in the shade....more