This Is What 47 Looks Like

Hmm... Maybe they should change the name to OLDveralls?! Yippee Ki Yay, Mama!

This Is What Happened When My Daughter Chewed An Entire Pack Of Bubble Gum

If they were handing out awards for "Bad Parenting," I might just have a shot at winning...**Click image to read story**...more

How to Be a Successful Snipe Hunter

How to be a successful Snipe hunter...or huntress.We all have one in our lives. We've seen them and interacted with them, sometimes on a daily basis. No, I'm not talking about Snipe. Not yet anyway. I'm talking about a gullible friend. That same gullible friend who has never even heard of Snipe, let alone hunted them....more

Bachelor Blog: She didn't fall....

Last night started with a good metaphor.See Sean working out in a gym...which good for him...watching his figure.Who knew that's what he looked like without a shirt on huh? Insane. J/K while I am in fact a never nude, Sean is consistently taking his shirt off and twistin' round his head...spinning it like a helicopter. ...more

Does this Ass make my Boots look Fat?

I broke down and bought my first pair of real cowboy boots this weekend. Mainly because they were really cute. Mainly because they were a mens size which, for my fat feet, works way better. Mainly because they were termed ‘vintage’, which you know, is a widely used term for just about any thing these days when you don’t want to say the word OLD....more

Joseph Christ Superstar

It never fails.  The second I finally sit down for the day with a magazine and reality television, I will hear a voice calling from upstairs.  It's always my husband. Marianne.  Come up here!  You gotta see this. I know what he wants me to see.  He's checked on our sleeping children and one of them has invariably fallen asleep in a ridiculous position.  The usual suspects: The shooting victim (arms wide open above kid's head) ...more

This is a mish-mash but has something to do with Loughborough

Ooh how exciting, this weekend I was due to drive up to Loughborough to visit my cousin Jane and her partner, Martin (aka Sicknote). On Saturday morning, I put my bags in the boot of my car, Naughty George in his basket in the back seat, and set off on the journey 'oop north'. Two things marked out the journey. The first was that because it was late September, the weather was quite cool. So I turned up the heating and as the car warmed up, so did Naughty George, and it soon became abundantly clear that he had recently rolled in random wildlife faeces. ...more

You Are Not Worthy of my Gravy Boat

This weekend's yard sale? Absolutely, the last time I will put my life out onto the lawn and beg people to find it interesting enough to make me an offer on. I mean, really, that's what's going on here.  And when nobody makes any offers on the bits of pieces of your very being that are lying in the grass like so much flotsam and jetsam (is it really like flotsam and jetsam?...more