Candy Crush Is My Sugar Rush: Diary Of An Addict

 Sugar Crush!!!  I did it...the damned jellies are cleared and all those nasty little ingredients are down.  I've got full lives and am giddy with success! Leaping off the couch proud of my accomplishment, I know that even though my mother, brother and sister- in -law are still ahead of me in levels and in points, they work and I don't, so I'm feeling pretty confident I can catch up....more

An Addiction That No One Talks About: Candy Crush

I have avoided it for as long as I can. I feel like I have a duty to discuss an epidemic that is affecting moms all over this great country. There is a dirty little secret that no one wants you to know about. Especially all of the moms. People are probably going to be mad at me after this but it is time to shine some light on an addiction that has the potential to damage the family dynamic and possibly modern civilization as we know it now. That is right. I am talking about Candy Crush....more
Have you been spying on me?! Seriously, my poor kid has had to knock on the bathroom door too! ...more