Speaking of Awkward - A Word About Tattoos

You might have noticed when I posted the following photo in last Friday's post that I have a tattoo.I actually have two....more
I plan on getting my first tattoo next month. As I am rounding 40 and have been wanting one for ...more

Moms, get ready to be judged!

Our society seems to have this one size fits all mentality right now. And if you don't conform to those standards be prepared to be scorned. And moms, we tend to be a hot target lately. ...more

Oy Vey, Am I the Worst Mom in the World?

In her post, The Mother/Father Double Standard, Absolute Mommy wrote about how her husband can leave the house, relax in his recliner, generally go about his life with little to no drama - however, she cannot even take a nap or go to the grocery store without meltdowns and whining....more

Holiday, Blood Clots, and no Pulse in my Mother's Wrist

Life can be too damn interesting for the sake of my own fragile sanity. You know, the kind of fragile sanity that winds up dangling by a thread. A fragile thread, one easily shed from some gossamer heirloom dress in your great-great grandmother's attic.... Ok, so I can carry a metaphor far past its limits. Limits that can be well tested, by the way, by the new pup who got his new teeth into my brand new Paperwhite KINDLE… limits are for another post. ...more

My Mom is a "Heightist"

I think if we're really being honest, most of us harbor some form of prejudice.  I’m not saying deep down were all hate-mongering racists, but I think we tend to be suspicious of people who are different.  I, for example, am wary of the perfectly done-up mom who styles her hair and applies makeup before dropping her kids off at school at 8:00 o’clock in the morning.  Overachievers like these are surely of a different breed....more

Bartender, Make That A Double

Before you freak out, the answer it NO, I do not intend this to be a Mommy and Me, recipe-sharing, mother-on-anti-anxiety meds site. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just not how I roll. Except for maybe the meds.But, in honor of my kids' birthdays and the approach of Mother's Day, I just figured I’d leave something behind that I could pull out to humiliate them when they are 16, something that I look forward to with an inordinate and unhealthy amount of glee....more

Yup. That's Me. Dancing at a Care Bear Concert.

We had a fantastic family day this past Sunday. In the morning, we got hopped up on muffins, played outside, and got covered in mud. Em LOVES our garden hose, and enthusiastically helps water our outdoor plants (and our miserable failure of an attempt at a raised bed garden)....more
 @dvorakoelling I'm pretty bad about photos too, relying on someone else to take the pictures! ...more

The Prank I Wish I'd Pulled

My eldest brother Jeff, was a hard act to follow. We could only hope to copy-cat some of his pranks, but he’d already worn out my parents with most of them, so they were already immune. One of the ones I wished I’d done was again played on my mother. We had a downstairs bathroom in our cellar that was rarely used.  The cellar was where we kept our four “drawers” of guinea pigs rescued from University of Maryland Medical School’s Anatomy department. Every once in a while my father would take pity on experimental animals and bring some home....more