When you're grown up and a parent you'll understand...

When we are kids, we're told, "One day when you're a parent... you'll understand." Up until About 14 months ago, I would have stood by my thirteen year old opinion and said this was just something that parents say. But now, as I am watching my own baby play on her mat on the floor and I am cautiously scanning every object around her for potential signs of danger while mentally calculating how many minutes of tummy time she has left- I understand my mother in ways I could have never imagined.So for all of those times that......more

Best Mother's Day Gift Idea? How About A Day Off From Motherhood?

 The other morning I texted my now adult kids from my favorite brunch place to see if any of them would be coming home next Sunday for Mother's Day.  Feeling fairly confident that brunch reservations had not been made by anyone else, I figured I'd take matters into my own hands to make sure I got to eat what I wanted where I wanted on my day....more

My Mother Taught Me To Take Center Stage and Fear Nothing

I can hear my mother screaming in the room next to mine: “You disgusting, ungrateful man! You have destroyed my family for generations....more

My Mother's Day Stratagem

I have worked in Phoenix long enough that it is not uncommon for me to encounter former students, some of whom are now married with careers and children. It is always surreal to meet these adults who, just a twinkling ago, were writing in their composition books about who they would become when they were all grown up. Usually, they are incredulous to find out I have become a parent since our paths last crossed and that my daughter is even older than they were as my students....more