What to expect when you expect to move: tips from a veteran movin' mamma

Before and after a move, there are plenty of rather predictable steps to make things easier. And then there are those other, more elusive things that only veteran moms can share.After moving 22 times in 23 years of marriage, I’ve adopted several habits when faced with a move to help reduce the risk for melt-downs — and I’m not just referring to the kids here. Moving well takes a lot of composure and having insider knowledge will only help you be a better person (read: less crazy) through the chaos. If you’re lucky, you may even do it gracefully....more

We Have Invaded Your Neighborhood. Now, Who Wants A a Hug?,

Bellonheels.com Others call me a blogger but I have always felt sort of silly calling myself by that name....more

But We Grew Here: What It Feels Like To Leave A Family Home

And then he said: Let’s sell the house and move to a new one. My life has not been the same since. What was my husband thinking? Fast forward seven and a half months to our accepted offer. This moving thing was really happening. What were we thinking? Do you have any idea how hard it is to move when you have children? But we did. We boxed and hauled. Load after load. Most of the time, with whiny kids in tow. Then we paid muscles to come relocate the heavy stuff. Finally. Everything was at the new place. And the old place was empty. ...more
We are only the third owners of our home, built in the early 1900's - the growth chart on the ...more

You have got to be kidding me!

I am trying not to freak out. There is a lot going on around here right now. First the husband is off at training. Which means I have been mopey and meh. I’ve also been eating a lot of desserts since I have no one to talk to I keep baking shit. I NEED to stop! I don’t need to be eating this yummy stuff!...more

Too Cool for School

During my divorce and days on end with Real Housewives (how I love Jill Z and Countess D, ) and Hoarders, it became clear to me that I really had to do something.  What to do...what to do...I tried volunteer work.  I volunteered at a local television station taking calls for the "Problem Solver." People would call in with complaints about local businesses in hopes of getting the "Problem Solver" to give them a hand. You would listen to the person, take down all their information and hand it in.    The goal was to get it to the on air personality and onto the news....more