Why You Should Never Use Nicknames For Genitals

Back when my husband and I were friends, he introduced me to a comedy show called League of Gentleman. It was a show full of dark humour that included a character called Tubbs who used to call women “No-Tails” and while it was just one of a smörgåsbord of catchphrases, this one stuck with us long after the show ended.  When we had my son, it wasn't so much a conscious life decision as an amusing in-joke to refer to him as a “Tail”....more

True Parenting Confessions

Last week The. Most. Amazing. Thing. Happened.  I came across a defective diaper.  I have changed thousands of diapers in my almost three years of parenthood and this has never happened–the adhesive portion of the tabs was on the outside, thus making fastening the diaper impossible.  This was a phenomenon the likes of which might never occur again!  Had anyone else experienced this??  This became the absolute highlight of my morning, and I told everyone I saw for the next few hours....more