This is what happened when I quit my first job.

My first real job was working the front register at a local Wendy's. I was sixteen, not sure what I wanted to do with my life, and tired of being broke. My uniform was exactly that; a navy blue pair of slacks, an annoying little cap, and a pinstriped button up top with their logo stamped just above my left breast....more

When you take your grandkids out to eat

Last Saturday I took two of my grandkids out to eat at a buffet style restaurant.My grandson had been gone for a while picking out what he wanted to eat while my granddaughter and I were sitting at our table with our food.Finally he came and sat down. We noticed that his plate had nothing on it so his sister said,"You realize you don't have any food on your plate ,don't you?" He  looked down at his plate with disbelief and said," I watied in line for all that time and my cookie must have fell off my plate." All three of us had a good chuckle over it....more

Just Jack