The Texting Mommy

Technology Apology

We like to complain about our kids. Doing so binds us as parents, as a generation, and can be a tiny reality check on the unabated bragging in which we would otherwise indulge. And nothing is more fun to complain about than our children’s attachment to technology.Call it an obsession or even an addiction, parents everywhere compare stories of teenagers’ seemingly limitless ability to text uninterrupted or play Xbox without coming up for air. Gather any group of parents and they will nod their heads knowingly. We can’t get their attention, because it is always elsewhere....more

Teens and Texting: Two Can Play at That Game

Honestly – does your teen text you from inside the house? And if they do – do you text back?What is happening to the art of conversation? Or at least the ability or desire to converse in person?...more
 @Virginia DeBolt I must admit I'm guilty of this as long as my husband doesn't catch on!more

Norman Rockwell Doesn't Live Here

Recently I received an email from a friend saying I am not a good friend for multiple reasons - but especially because I only communicate via text or email.  She states that these methods of conversation are impersonal.   The email then goes on to explain how she is a far superior friend and describes in detail over multiple paragraphs the depth of my suckitude....more