11 Reasons Why November Is My Toddler's Favorite Month

When asked about their favorite time of year, most people get misty-eyed remembering summer BBQs, warm evening concerts in the park, sunbathing, and staying up late. Sounds idyllic, right?Unless you’re a toddler....more


One of my favorite put-downs has always been “What, are you two years old or something?”Lately, however, I have been rethinking the wisdom of this phrase.  My grandniece, who really is two years old, has helped me to see the error of my ways.  If I put aside the likelihood of public embarrassment for a moment, I am forced to admit that I am jealous of her....more

Top Five Ways That Teenagers Are Like Toddlers

Lately I’ve been mourning the loss of my boys’ toddlerhood – the days when they hugged me with abandon, belly laughed over a silly sound and viewed the world with wonder and amazement.I miss the days when I had little people who smelled yummy and wanted to be around me ALL THE TIME. Now, they are teenagers who are very different creatures – they smell like sweat and body spray and they wouldn’t be caught dead holding on to my leg or arm let alone spending hours at my side....more

It's Easier to Love My Second Child

Originally posted here.It's easier to love my second child.  That wasn't an easy sentence to write and doing so makes me feel a little guilty, but let me explain.  I want to be clear that this doesn't mean I love my second any more or less than my first, just that it comes a little easier....more

Tales from the Crib

 Zach sitting happily in his crib...more

10 Christmas Gifts Toddler Moms (and Dads) Would Kill For

I took a poll and the results are in. (Drum roll, please!) Moms and dads of toddlers everywhere have spoken! They don’t want perfume or socks! They don’t need coffee pots (actually they do) or tool sets! They don’t care about gift cards!!...more

One of THOSE Days

Today has been one of those days.  You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones where everything that can go wrong actually does, from the second you wake up until the moment you try and go to sleep....more