The Sock Basket

The Sock Basket   ...more

Hell Is Trash Collection

A little over a year ago, Jeff noticed that he was paying our trash people more than once each month. (And when I say Our Trash People, I mean the environmental service that comes to our house on Thursday mornings to haul away the things that we DIDN'T recycle. I'm still wearing my Birkenstocks.) Anyway, when he pulled up the information online, he realized that he had been double paying for the past six months! He quickly called Our Trash People (OTP) to figure out what was going on....more

I honestly do not want to admit how hard I laughed at this. It's embarrassing. *wipes tears*I ...more

Confessions of a bi-species owner

Yes, I will admit that I am a bi-species lover.  I love BOTH cats and dogs and haven't  lived with out both in 20 years.  There are ongoing arguments about which is better, a cat or a dog.  I say,"Why choose?"  Curiously enough, owning a cat points out the good things about dogs and vice versa.  Over the last twenty years we have had large dogs, small dogs, tabby's, grays, siamese, long hair and medium haired cats.  In total, we have had nine cats and seven dogs.  All with different personalities and relationship issues....more

I have been a dog lover all my life, cats I'm allergic to but I have been surrounded by ...more

Board Games vs. What If Questions: Another Parenting Dilemma

Last week for some New Jersey public schools it was Winter Break.  On Monday, one of my friends in Pennsylvania posted on Facebook that her "togetherness quotient" had expired; on Tuesday, my sister, who was at home in New Jersey with her three small children, texted me to ask who was responsible for the concept of "winter break."  (People with no children and timeshares in Arizona, apparently).  On Wednesday, we discussed the equally absurd notion of taking small children "on vacation," and on Thursday she reported that one of her sons had asked her ...more

10 Ways To Tell If You Are a Hypochondriac

You are a hypochondriac if: You have memorized your doctor's phone number, or have it listed under "Contacts" on your cell phone. You are not a doctor, but nevertheless possess a medical encyclopedia, the most recent edition of the PDR, and/or an on-line subscription to JAMA. You have ever seriously considered hair testing. You take more than 5 nutritional supplements per day, and/or you can't leave the house without one of those plastic pill dispensers with divided sections for all of your supplements. ...more

I am a hypochondriac. I fully admit it. I have wondered most, if not all, of these things! My ...more

Seychelles - Let's Get Those Pants Off!

For more of my posts, please visit my main blog at Do this and I'll love you forever!Yay, I finally have internet access! Well, actually, I am writing this without internet access, but I am optimistic that I will be able to find an internet café tomorrow, (Saturday,) where I can send this. ...more

It's soggy. But it's home.

This is my first post. I feel drawn to blogging because I am thinking that maybe if I write down all the bizarre things that happen in this tragi-comedy that is my life, it will make more sense. Get this: currently, I am sitting at my ailing, ancient (circa 2002) iMac with slightly damp feet because the water heater in  a closet in my apartment burst yesterday (or so I thought). ...more

Fake it Till You Make it!

Well, I’ve given the ‘Blood Type’ diet a try, (OK, so it’s only been a week!) but it actually seemed to make things worse, as far as the acid indigestion goes! Maybe my body has adapted to modern times and I’ve left the hunter/gatherer remnants of my past behind….. so, now what?...more

La Dolce Vita!

It hit me today when I was taking my walk, that I am REALLY happy to be alive!...more