La Dolce Vita!

It hit me today when I was taking my walk, that I am REALLY happy to be alive!...more

Does Dr. Phil Do Hormone Therapy?

 Well it's still cold down here in "sunny" Florida. It's gotten so bad that I've become accustomed to wearing my Uggs to bed at night. I had a $400 electric bill last month so I'm opting not to turn the thermostat above 60 this month. It's a little hard to bear around here since we do live in Florida and that means the kids think it's t-shirt and shorts weather year around. I'm the one that looks a bit out of place with my 3 shirts, a sweater, jeans, Uggs, and a sweater coat on....more

Skinny French women

Mireille Guiliano's best seller French Women Don't Get Fat hit a raw (and plump) American nerve. Lucky French women! What's their secret?...more

I wish he could stay 12 forever

We were sitting on the plane on our way to Paris and Louis was grinning from ear to ear when he was presented with a kid’s meal when dinner was served. I’m not sure why I even ordered it for him, I guess because I could. Many typical 12 year olds wouldn’t be that excited for the silly toy and applesauce. But Louis was....more

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

I just read a Twitter post that gave the parenting tip…how to show your kids you care: give them a special nickname.  Wow, if giving your child a special nickname is a sign of how much you care…then my kids are THE most loved and cared for children in the world....more

Six Tips for Finding Your Personal Reset Button

When we work on our computers if things start to slow down or go wobbly we can try and start fresh by hitting a reset button. When it comes to our lives however, finding the reset button can be difficult. When times get tough how can we find that button? I've got six tips for making the search a little easier. ...more

Narmatha's Thoughts


Well said... ...more

My Child Ate a Diamond

Yesterday I cleaned the girls’ room for the first time ever. It took over eight hours, and the final result is this: Three tons of toys have been donated to charity, another ton of (mostly broken) toys have been thrown away. Now? Every toy has a place. That’s a huge deal for us. As I cleaned and tossed (and grew more irritable than I care to admit), I came across a little plastic gem-like thing. As I threw it in the trash, Harper screamed. “THAT’S MY DIAMOND! YOU CAN’T THROW AWAY MY DIAMOND!”...more

True Story, Last year I ate the hand of a Baby Jesus that was hidden in a King Cake.  ...more

The Art of Aging Gracefully


Don't Ever Take Your Kids to a Movie When They've Read the Book

 Well, by now you all know that the whole "snowstorm" thing here in the deep south was a big fat fluffy bust for some of us. I would just like personally thank The Weather Channel for completely destroying my children's faith in "experts" of the meteorological kind. They now think that all of you are freaking out of your minds!...more

Unfortunately, there's no getting out of this one for me.  my 13 year old daughter has ...more