Well Shoot, My Pants are on Fire

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Here’s Even More Ridiculous For The Heaping Plate Of Ridiculousness

When Bossy's daughter was young enough to play with dolls -- which was yesterday and maybe tomorrow and the next day even though Bossy's daughter relocated her dolls to purgatory the basement but Bossy still holds out hope -- Bossy's daughter preferred baby dolls that look and feel like real babies. Bossy's daughter never took part in the phenomenon that is the American Girl doll thing, which doesn't prevent the company from sending Camp Bossy an American Girl catalogue every fifteen minutes....more

Sooooooo glad, My girl's missed out on the AG thing! I think they're quite creepy, and with ...more

Calling Dr. Jameson

Lanita www.amothershood.wordpress.com www.birthbypaperwork.com As a mother, you expect to nurse your children through illnesses and have your husband ignore your helpful medical suggestions.  But recently, I was called upon to help nurse one of my girlfriends through a 2 week battle with bronchitis, a sinus and ear infection....more

Mother, Blogger, (Somewhat) Felon

Last week, I came home and found a note on my windshield. I thought it was from one of the neighbors asking me not to be a butthole about parking my car. Instead, it was a $42 parking ticket because my tabs had expired last month, and I haven’t gotten around to paying it because I am lazy and I don’t need The Man telling me what to do. I’m going rogue! Nissan Rogue! After I improve my credit score for a low-interest rate! I grabbed the ticket and sulked inside, where I grumbled as I renewed my tabs online and printed out my receipt....more

When I was much younger, I found myself driving through the streets of Manila, highly ...more

A Collect Call? From Afghanistan???

As an Air Force brat, I learned one thing well. Make a soldier laugh. Bust on him. It breaks the tension, whether they'll admit there is any or not. Here's a piece I wrote after an encounter with one of America's finest:...more

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In My World - Everyday Seems Like A Monday!

 So waking up every morning is always a new adventure for me since my motto is "Everyday is a new day". Cause last night I was like, all freaking anxiety-ridden over the impending SE - PAR - A - TION, and after a tearful phone call with my brother, I had a glass of Pinot Nior and simply snapped out of it....more

I Drank Barium

While we were on vacation, something crazy happened that led me to call my doctor once again for the Mystery Abdominal Thing. Long story short? We scheduled a CT scan!Lady at Scheduling: Your test will be on Thursday at 3:30, but we'll need you to be here at 2:30 for registration. AND, you'll need to stop eating and drinking at 11:30 so we can get an accurate result.Me: Okay and okay! ...more

The only way the idodine injection does any good is if you first run around the hospital ...more