Don't Diminish Yourself


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#BlogHer5 The "L" Word(s)

I attended my first ever BlogHer conference two years ago, and I was honored to speak on a panel there. I can only hope that someone who may have needed to hear what I had to say managed to find some comfort, some benefit. It was one of the best weekends of my life, on so many levels. Also? First time ever in San Francisco! ...more

Aw, thanks Denise! ♥ They make me happy. ...more

WARNING: Bored Domesticated Female on the Loose!

 Haven't been inspired to write this past week because frankly, I got a really, really bad case of Boreditis. Let me tell you something, there is NOTHING worse than a bored housewife, mom, 40-something woman who is on the verge of being pre-menopausal! You know when we moms get really bored, we do serious shopping. That can be a dangerous thing to the bank account. But since it's the first of the month and already, I am completely broke - that just isn't an option at the moment....more

I love this post.  No seriously...I LOVE THIS POST.  Oh that same to do list ...more

What a Difference a Day (or Two) Makes!

  I had my Aha moment yesterday, ‘tho it was a lower case ‘aha’….it was so subtle… but I’ll take it! My attitude has definitely shifted and I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! I guess it’s good that I’m slightly ADD with bi-polar tendencies… like they say about the weather in Colorado… if you don’t like it… just wait 15 minutes! Same with my emotional state….. I’m never down for very long… ...more

My GPS Device Is A Whore

I am infamous for my potty mouth while driving - something I'm not particularly proud of and have really made an effort to clean up over the past few years.  When my daughter was ten, I took her and her best friend on a road trip from Texas to Florida. By the end of the trip they had nicknamed me Sharon Osbourne...not a compliment and I'm pretty sure the mom of the other ten-year-old was not real impressed....more

Darkest Before the Dawn

I feel an ‘Aha Moment’ coming soon… but I’m not quite there yet… oh, and did I hear recently that Oprah is trying to trademark ‘aha moment’?? Maybe I owe her some money? Cuz I use that phrase all the time.. and have been for quite awhile now…. ...more

My Walk on the Wildside

Spent the morning finishing up a couple of articles and when I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed away from the computer for a wilderness adventure... ...more

Thanks for your comment janalynn. It was quite an adventure.


I can't say no to Say Yes to the Dress

By BJ Roche ...more

awe and incredulity that I slip into while watching these shows. I'm someone that didn't have ...more

A Star is Born!

  Today marks the 15th birthday of my baby girl… who’s been a pretty special, (if not challenging at times) daughter so far. One of the things that amazes me about her is she popped out knowing exactly who she was, what she liked and didn’t like, and she didn’t hesitate to tell you about it!...more

A Tale of Cake Karma

Fact: When I was a kid, my mom took my sister and I to school every morning and picked us up every afternoon.Fact: Every year in the fall (no foreshadowing pun intended), our elementary school would hold a Family Fun Night. And that Family Fun Night included a cake walk.Fact: My mom used to be quite a cake maker. She has been known to create wedding cakes. No joke. ...more

Ahahaha!  Love the details about the jump suit.  Nice.