Poking Around the Vermont Country Store Catalog, or The Vibrator Essay

The latest issue of the Vermont Country Store catalog had the most surprising two-page spread. ...more

Fuzzy Brain: A Menopausal Phenomenon

Fuzzy brain is a weird condition of menopause...a well-documented syndrome in which the afflicted struggles to have a complete thought as a result of the cataclysmic evacuation of estrogen from the system....more

Thanks for the comment BB.  I agree!  Couldn't have made it without a little ...more

365 Days to a Brand New Me! Week Two!

Hot Buttered Cobra-On-The-Cob

the best gift ever for babies and tots at babyceesnameart.comCees Beyond The Zees:  Hot Buttered Cobra-on-the-Cob...more

If You Give a Blogger an Empty Screen

She'll sit and stare at it for five minutes.She'll try to think of something funny from the day before. She'll fail.She'll try to think of something profound. She'll fail.She'll check her stats and referrals to see if there's a good story.Seeing the stats will depress her, and there's nothing in the referrals that's juicy.So she'll get up from the computer. To get a cup of coffee.On the way there, she will trip over five pairs of shoes. So she'll yell....more

Yup, when Carmen wrote this, I thought to myself, "Brilliant."


Tale of the PhysioBall

Newscaster announces: "San Antonio woman's death caused by PhysioBall". Do you all know what a PhysioBall is? It's a large ball, sometimes called an exercise ball, which one uses in their exercise routines. In my case, I added into a Pilates workout....more

Line 'em up

My daughter asked me several years ago, “So, mom, how exactly do you find a husband? Do all the boys line up and you just pick the one you like the best?” If only it were that easy. I didn’t want to scare her with the harsh truth about dating. While yes, dating at times is fun and exciting, the truth is that a lot of the time it’s really not that fun. ...more

Reading Between The Lines ...

A companion guide to Lost In Translation. What I said: "It's great that you're so...passionate...about that." What I meant: "Seriously you just rambled and raved like a drunken sailor coming off a 21 day binge." What I said: "Nice!" What I meant: "I have no idea what you said, I tuned you out 10 minutes ago because I was I was about to pass out from sheer boredom." What I said: "That sucks for you!" What I meant: "Sucks to be you. Heh." ...more

365 Days to a Brand New Me! DAY 4

Who I Am...more

365 Days to a Brand New Me! DAY 3

I Survived!...more