My Crazy-Funny, Chaotic and Challenging Caregiving Life

  Does Your Mom Embarrass You? ...more

Does Your About Me have TMI?? Amy

Digging in the Dirt

My son is digging for buried treasure in our yard. Muttering to himself, “Jewelry, rings, bracelet, something. I’ve got to find something so I can be rich.” ...more

Thank you so much for commenting. Yes it sounds like a very similar situation to your son's ...more

How to Write an Offensive Christmas Newsletter

The world is divided into two camps: those who love Christmas newsletters, and those who despise them. I'm in the first group. But the people who hate them have probably been subjected repeatedly to irrirating letters, which are about as fun as a toddler on Red Bull. So in the spirit of Christmas giving, I'm going to list a few pieces of advice to heed as you're penning your latest end-of-the-year roundup. Follow these tips at your own risk. ...more

Eat Cabbage: Save Cabbage

We love cabbage. Let us count the ways: it’s cheap, it’s tasty, it’s versatile, it keeps forever, it’s really good for you—and by the way did we say cheap, cheap, cheap?...more

I agree cabbage is totally underrated. Didn't realize how healthy it is! What's your favorite ...more

Fabulous, Unforgettable, Freaking Awesome: Mr. Fox Truly is Fantastic for All Ages

I'll admit that while I was completely excited to squeeze in the packed theater with viewers of all ages waiting for Fantastic Mr. Fox to begin, a tiny worry was playing on the tip of my popcorn-reaching fingers. ...more

I thought I didn't like talking animals until we watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (or ...more

Do You Shop On Black Friday?

Does Black Friday fill you with giddy excitement or the feeling of dread worse than having dental work done without anesthesia?...more

I Met the Pioneer Woman and Blogged About It!

 Today I went to meet my blogging Mentor. Her name is Ree Drummond, and to those of us who follow her blog online, she is The Pioneer Woman, or PW, or P-dub....more

Who's the Bitch?

You know you’re onto a good product when your boyfriend/husband/ball-n-chainsecretly uses it. Oh, they’ll deny it, but it’s true: OUR MEN USE OUR PRODUCTS. We Bitches on a Budget know all, and we’re here to report the grooming products most stolen by our men....more

Very funny. My guy uses my expensive facial moisturizer. I'm like, dude, get your own! But ...more