You Think Flying with Baby Is Hard? Try Your 90-Year-Old Mom!

To all you people who think traveling on an airplane with children is difficult: ha, ha, ha, ha. Just dress 'em up cute, and you're golden. If they are age 5 or so and give them a bag of caramels and a packet of Go Fish cards. Then, when you don't get to sit together, the child can ask the 28 year-old man next to her if he wants to gamble for caramels. Not that her parents ever taught her to gamble, mind you. The child and the man will both be amused the whole flight. Don't ask me how I know this. But the story today is at the other end of the spectrum. I still followed my credo of dress 'em up cute, but in this case, Mom wore her warmest, prettiest sweater....more
Oh, I can so relate to this.  Only I travel with my husband and not too far from home.  It can ...more