What the Baby Books Don't Tell You

I've just found out that a friend of mine is expecting her first birthday.  Cue lots of girly squeals of delight and weeping tears of joy.  Now as you know as soon as you have a baby on board the whole world and their dog and flippin cat have advice for you. Not one to miss a bandwagon, here is my advice friend......more

10 Things Mummy Has Actually Said. Out Loud

1. 'The Toddler, don't ride The Baby, please.' 2. 'The Baby doesn't want a rhino on her head at the moment.' 3. 'Sweetheart, the little girl and her mummy don't want to do the Hokey Cokey...No, we're not doing the Hokey Cokey now...No: no "in out".' 4. 'You want to phone Grandad's doggies? Doggies aren't very good at phone calls.' 5. 'No, The Baby, you can't chew the cat!' 6. 'Yes, it's raisins on a bus. Where do you think they're going?' ...more

Top Ten Reasons you know You are A Blogger

I am a blogger, I like to think I am a life and style blogger with an emphasis on the style part but who really knows, maybe I am a fashion blogger with a focus on so many other things......more
Umm... no. I know I am a blogger because I write, a lot, daily. But... cool effort!more

Look out New York, here comes lady Canada and she's pissed

I think it's time to give my friend who stars in the I Love New York series a name. I'm going to call her Alex, because I've always loved that name. The night I met her.http://onesaltyblonde.com/2015/02/12/meeting-new-friends-is-hard-when-yo... Our first night out, and the night I gave her a black eye.http://onesaltyblonde.com/2015/03/05/when-bad-decisions-make-good-friends/ The next time I saw her, after the black eye. ...more

I'm just not that kind of woman

You're right, clothes are like food, you should try everything before making a decision. Just ...more

Five Reasons I’ve Stopped Judging People

1. I’m not perfect. I didn’t use your toothbrush to masturbate on a Sunday morning, but I used the little picky thing.2. Life is hard. I didn’t spend a year stripping to pay for that boob job, but I helped sell Timeshare to the elderly.3. I have done things I’m not proud of. I didn’t get my child hooked on cocaine so they lost custody of my grandson, but I sold my freezer to buy weed.4. Life is short. I didn’t go into debt to travel all over the world, see everything and actually live my life, I went into debt drinking in the bar with my friends....more

kids are the best scapegoats

Kids will take everything you value, then steal it and smear it with goo – your free time, sleep, elegant time spent alone taking a poop. But, the upside is rich.I'm not talking about the beautiful way they make you see life anew through their eyes or how they make your heart walls pulse a little more readily. Nope. Kids are worth it because they are a 24/7 Get out of Jail Free Card....more

Urine Trouble

I don’t want to brag, but after four years at the position, I am now a very good Mom. This has nothing to do with effort, tactics, instincts or passion for the job. This haseverything to do with me being open to asking for help when I get stuck, having the luxury to take breaks when I need them, and having a child who 99% of the time will do what I ask....more