Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out

 Life was especially chaotic after the birth of our eighth and ninth children because everyone was still fourteen and under. It was difficult to keep a sharp eye out for my new bundle of energy, Daniel....more

What the Baby Books Don't Tell You

I've just found out that a friend of mine is expecting her first birthday.  Cue lots of girly squeals of delight and weeping tears of joy.  Now as you know as soon as you have a baby on board the whole world and their dog and flippin cat have advice for you. Not one to miss a bandwagon, here is my advice friend......more

10 Things Mummy Has Actually Said. Out Loud

1. 'The Toddler, don't ride The Baby, please.' 2. 'The Baby doesn't want a rhino on her head at the moment.' 3. 'Sweetheart, the little girl and her mummy don't want to do the Hokey Cokey...No, we're not doing the Hokey Cokey now...No: no "in out".' 4. 'You want to phone Grandad's doggies? Doggies aren't very good at phone calls.' 5. 'No, The Baby, you can't chew the cat!' 6. 'Yes, it's raisins on a bus. Where do you think they're going?' ...more

Top Ten Reasons you know You are A Blogger

I am a blogger, I like to think I am a life and style blogger with an emphasis on the style part but who really knows, maybe I am a fashion blogger with a focus on so many other things......more
Umm... no. I know I am a blogger because I write, a lot, daily. But... cool effort!more

Look out New York, here comes lady Canada and she's pissed

I think it's time to give my friend who stars in the I Love New York series a name. I'm going to call her Alex, because I've always loved that name. The night I met her. Our first night out, and the night I gave her a black eye. The next time I saw her, after the black eye. ...more

I'm just not that kind of woman

You're right, clothes are like food, you should try everything before making a decision. Just ...more

Five Reasons I’ve Stopped Judging People

1. I’m not perfect. I didn’t use your toothbrush to masturbate on a Sunday morning, but I used the little picky thing.2. Life is hard. I didn’t spend a year stripping to pay for that boob job, but I helped sell Timeshare to the elderly.3. I have done things I’m not proud of. I didn’t get my child hooked on cocaine so they lost custody of my grandson, but I sold my freezer to buy weed.4. Life is short. I didn’t go into debt to travel all over the world, see everything and actually live my life, I went into debt drinking in the bar with my friends....more

kids are the best scapegoats

Kids will take everything you value, then steal it and smear it with goo – your free time, sleep, elegant time spent alone taking a poop. But, the upside is rich.I'm not talking about the beautiful way they make you see life anew through their eyes or how they make your heart walls pulse a little more readily. Nope. Kids are worth it because they are a 24/7 Get out of Jail Free Card....more