Ratty and Mole review People, Places, Things on Netflix

Mole: I am quite fond of those small movies where nothing much happens. Walking and Talkingand The Daytrippers are two that come to mind. They’re good matinee movies. The stakes are seemingly small and there is plenty of walking….and talking....more

It's All Fun and Games until Someone Breaks Their Dick

I tried to be cool. So very cool. Most of the time it might look like I’m breezy and having the time of my life but inside I’m just thinking, “where is he?”. Slightly irritating when your sole purpose of being here is finding yourself and all you’re actually doing is trying to find the random boy who doesn’t know you, your life, or your surname.I actually had to force myself to have some great nights out after the stalking saga. Just bouncing around with the girls and not giving a shit about whether or not I would find the D....more

Who is out of who’s league

Out of my league, what does that mean? True that I won’t fit into his million dollar lifestyle. I’m not even a high class woman with a three hundred dollar haircut. I will fall off the yacht, trip over my dress, and spill a fifty dollar glass of wine. And I just know I’ll be walking the mansion night and day looking for my smokes. “I think I left them in the east wing.”I will never be in “that league”, true.More important is who is in MY league. Do you work? Do you care? Will you go and buy feminine products for me?Golden.http://skinnyandsingle.wordpress.com...more

Episode 59: On the Home Straight....

The end is getting so near nowI’m starting to see through the fogOnly 3 more days of this pressureIn daily posting my blog!So many subjects I’ve coveredMy brain has been stretched to the maxThoughts and ideas that are spinningOh how I need to relax!...more

Episode 51: Ode To NaBloPoMo

I set myself a challengeTo write a post a dayFor the whole month of NovemberWell, I have a lot to say!I started pretty stronglyMy brain was in top formThe words were flowing freelyWas this going to be the norm?I followed other bloggers...more

Pavlov's Blog (Confessions of a Compulsive Commenter!)

The Comment Section on a Blog can really bring out the same personality traits you would exhibit at a cocktail party. Having OCD, this has been a problem for me....more

5 Reasons Brands Don't Want To Work With YOU

As a blogger I have fast become accustomed to the whole blogging scene. You can work with brands, run competitions, get paid to blog - whatever.But sometimes, brands will not want to work with you.I know this.I feel your pain.The PR Request hashtag can help you connect with brands, and ask for products. It can also be brutal. You might never get responses - I mean, what more can you do??...more

The moment you realise you're the oldest person at the gig

Last week I was excited to be attending my first gig in eight months at Borderline in Soho. After this hiatus I was looking forward to cramming myself into a tiny, sweaty venue, to drink some cider and to move my shoulders, or just tap my foot, in time with the music of UK/US band Drowners. In fact, I couldn’t think of a more pleasant way to spend my Wednesday evening....more

A Blessing, a Wish, and Reflections

Up to my tweed arm patches in dusty old books…Slithering with serpents, wrestling with werewolves, battling chicken headed monsters and rising like a Bennu. That’s how I imagined blogging Mystical Monsters from A to Z. And of course, schedule it all in advance. Alas, it was not to be. ...more

Be careful what you wish for...