A little privacy please

Despite what D may say my needs are simple. I keep telling him there’s a difference between high maintenance and high standards, but whatever…another day. What I need is some no-kids time. I say that with love....more

Communication 101 for Husbands: Part 1*

Texting your loved oneLet me preface the explanation by assuring you that while I was a) texting in the car, I was not b) driving. I was stopped at a red light. The longest red light in the universe or maybe just my town; so I had time to read and respond to the message I heard dinging at me several minutes earlier while I was driving.When texting your wife/spouse do not do this:...more

International Women's Day

Yeah! Come on! International Women's Day! Grrr!As a new mother, and a new mother of a daughter no less, today should be marked....more


You guys just CRACK ME UP.Supermarkets! Who thought of that?! Man, they are FUN-NY!! Mum took me into one called 'Tesco' today. What a hoot! They have these little streets right, set out in identical rows! Honest to God! And they fill the streets with boxes and jars and tubs, set out in sections of the same stuff! Tears were just streaming down my face!!...more

Tag, You're It...

This blog has few followers. I wear my fingers to nubs at this keyboard on a daily basis and I know there's probably just lovely little you, reading this right now, who in fact other than me, has read it at all. Because you're DEAD NICE. And intelligent. And you've got great taste. And you make my heart a little bit excited when I find out you stopped by. So thank you....more

Conversations and kicking thy own butt

Over the past month I have had a good hard look at myself. Which led me to a few conclusions and a conversation with yours truly (usually on public transit immediately before the temptation to take up nailbiting for sport),  but to clarify - said conversations take place in my own head, not aloud because THAT my friends, would be CRAZY...Cakes, I hate to tell you this but, you NEED to get your shit together.First off,  your ass – it’s looking too flat. Remember it back in the day? HmmHmm, smokin’....more
@Wanderoke It's so tragic, I tried on my favourite red dress and it was horrendous. I can't ...more

The Dying Art of Prem?

Let the French celebrate their ménage de troi, the Americans, their prom, we Bengalis have always championed our own original contribution to the global vocabulary of love and sex, thank you very much. It is the much serenaded: prem. Amply inspired by the rain and slush filled afternoons of our parts, the particular colours of our smoke-stained greenery, the sounds of our rumbling buses, and the competitive pricing of our cinema-halls-to-make-out-in, prem flourished robustly in Calcutta for decades....more

Thick skulls and those damn healthy brownies... Happy New Year!

2 days ago in a blogpost, I made a comment in jest:"No more stalkers or chronic masturbators, tongue-rapes in fiats, nor run-ins with exes...."Before that one:"The presence of said (wedding) rings actually function to help to keep the diabolical creeps,  à la our friend ‘Roberto’ at bay. (ie. “Hey, I’m married to a cop, so leave me alone a'hole.”)...more

Fire! Fire!

Having kids means being part of some really great and unexpected conversations. Like this one that came about as I was rushing to get the kids ready and out the door one morning [so pretty much status quo for us EVERY SINGLE DAY!...more

“That was funny”

I heard myself saying these words to my husband as we watched a show last night.  I was struck by the absurdity that I felt the need to tell him when a part of the show was funny (it really was, and he didn’t even crack a smile!)  Perhaps it was not funny funny, perhaps it was clever funny and he did not find it all that humorous?  Whatever the reason, he didn’t laugh....more