Homemade Creations: Successful or Utterly Catastrophic

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7 Super Shots triple dog dare

Yesterday I noticed that one of my fave blogs Life In Pleasantville had published a new post so I quickly hopped over to have a read. She’s positive, loves to travel, and now I realize terribly evilfunny. Almost like “I dare you to jump over the alligator pit” funny....more

The Trial and Error Method of Cutting Kids' Hair

Do you remember this humourous, family kitchen scene, perhaps from the forty's or fifty's, where a child sits on a stool with a huge sheet tied around their neck, a pained expression on their face and a bowl on their head as Mother stands poised behind them, scissors in hand? This family drama came to life in the early 1990's. ...more
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I suck at following instructions

My understanding of blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and other social media is limited. I see them as tools to connect with others in a way that is conducive to whatever an individual wishes to achieve. Simplistic? Perhaps....more

Happy First Easter

Happy first Easter Boo!Me and Dad hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of eggs and treats - and if you have ANY TROUBLE WHATSOEVER getting through all those tasty nibbles, we'll do our best to help you out. We're good like that. (You have no problem allowing us to dispose of your chocolately load on any other day of the year, so let's not make Easter any exception thank you.)...more

At least Grandma will feed us

What is it about stepping over the threshold into Grandma’s house that has our children transforming into pitiful creatures who’ve seen nary a morsel of even stale bread cross their famished and parched lips in weeks? Or at least for the last 30 minutes. And typically it’s more of a weak stumble over the door jam, which elicits concerned cries of, “Oh, mon chéri…you poor dear…can I get you anything? Are you hungry? Do you need a drink?”...more

What She Really Said: Fighting Sexist Jokes the Geeky Way!

I work at a startup, and most of the time, I enjoy it. Compared to most tech companies, and certainly most startups, we have quite a few people who are relatively clueful. There are relatively few moments of “brogrammer” culture. There is, however, one thing that has been bugging me for months, ever since it was introduced....more
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Monday morning smiles

Monday mornings are difficult for everyone. Not just for those heading to an office, but also the WAHMs and the SAHMs. I’m too sleepy to write out the acronyms. Kids and parents are tired. Did we party too much? Nope. We just quickly got used to the weekend routine of not rushing, sleeping a bit later, staying up, playing with friends, dinners out, and then reality…alarms, school, work, making lunches, morning commutes. Grumble grumble. There are smiles buried here, stay with me.Today began like this:...more

Communication 101 for Wives: Part 1

Saying good-byeApparently I need to expand this series to include wives and oversights that they we may have. These are not deficiencies in any way. It’s just that we’re busy. We have a lot on our minds. It’s not our fault. Do I sound defensive?...more

The morning shower and how to hang a wet towel. Because it’s complicated.

Following a mad exchange of Tweets with Momfaze about our tweens’ and teens’ post shower rituals, the consensus was that somehow along the way they never learnt how to hang wet towels. They’re great at leaving them lying around in creative places, but the part where we don’t appreciate that talent hasn’t sunk in yet....more