My Big Fat American Vacation, or, I still love Americans even though they can't use cutlery!

This trip took me from New York City down the entire east coast of the U.S .  Taking the overnight sleeper Amtrak train from New York to Savannah in Georgia and then driving on to Naples in the southern tip of Florida.  Many miles were covered, and of course much food was consumed....more

If Babies Could Speak

Time for a laugh with humourous quips added to baby photos....more

A Loveable, Annoying Pet

Shadow was the most quirky, amusing and utterly annoying pet we have ever owned. A drooling, big black lab mix with overgrown feet and an overgrown personality, Shadow was an integral part of my children’s lives for 13 years.This dog grew up with cats.They could cuddle up beside him or lay on top of him and he barely raised an eyebrow. He tossed mice and fish around like a cat and sometimes he played more like a cat than a dog....more

Do You Think You’re too Small?

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never spent the night with a mosquito.- African Proverb The Joy of Mothering &...more

Time For a Smile

Christian Humour? Yup, hilarious, biblical, denominational and personal jibes all served with a  smile. Self deprecatory humour with the ability to laugh at ourselves is healthy and great for overblown egos. This week it is biblical humour with snickers at Noah's plight....more

Happiness Humour

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. -Oscar Wilde  ...more

A Cat and Mouse Game

What is a farm without cats to catch  mice? Once we stared raising animals, which meant storing grain,  I quickly changed my  perception of the  little, cute creatures. I no longer cringed at the thought of our cats hunting  them down and slaughtering them.  Mice eat grain. Mice make nests and shred grain bags. Mice droppings are messy, their urine stinks and no self-respecting farm animal will eat  contaminated grain....more

Canada Day , July 1st: Time to Toot Our Own Horn Again

As Canada Day celebrates its 147th birthday, I celebrate Canada’s triumphs. Next to the United States we might seem insignificant but remember,  looks are deceiving....more

“Don’t Worry Sir; My Boyfriend is Like my Trampoline.”

One of the disadvantages of a large family is that the younger children are exposed to pop culture via  their older siblings.A prime demonstration of this phenomena was during ’circle time’ in kindergarten. Sometimes the teacher encouraged the children to sing a song, expecting to hear something like “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. She did not get that sort of song from my youngest two.children . This teacher laughed with amusement as she told me what my offspring sang for the other five-year olds....more
TheBlackTortoise my youngest is never at a loss for words..usually delivered with flair and humourmore

Choosing to Laugh Instead of Cry

Every single time Michael, my husband, attended a conference or left for a long weekend, something went wrong on our hobby farm. ...more