Scary Mommy Thanksgiving 2014

Live Below the Line: Wrap-up of Almost Five Days on $1.50 of Food per Day

By the end of day four, I was irrationally angry, basically terrorizing my family, especially my six-year-old son....more
Thank you for your comments.  I was aware and felt uncomfortable about the fact that I was doing ...more

Day 3 of Living on $1.50 of Food per Day

I'm almost halfway through my Live Below the Line challenge, living on only $1.50 worth of food and drink per day for five days. My sponsors have donated $415 to UNICEF to alleviate extreme poverty. Please click here if you'd like to sponsor me. I cheated yesterday, and I'm totally okay with that....more

Day 2 of Living on $1.50 per Day

I'm living on $1.50 worth of food per day for five days as part of Live Below the Line, a project to raise awareness about extreme poverty and raise funds for charities. I am fundraising for UNICEF. Iam 20% of the way through my challenge. I'm honestly a little surprised I've lasted this long....more

Living on $1.50 per Day: Day 1

I started my Live Below the Line challenge today, eating $1.50 worth of food per day to raise awareness about extreme poverty and to raise money for UNICEF. I have raised $270 so far....more


Right now in church, I am working with the Outreach Committee to put together the Annual Thanksgiving Baskets for Neighbors In Need....more

How Hungry Am I?

I work from home, and have access to food all the time, and when I think I might feel hungry, I need to stop and ask myself 'how hungry am I?'  This is a game you're taught to play in almost any weight loss program.  It's a test of the emergency emotional eating system, and if you're not familiar with it, goes something like this:...more

The Face of Homeless


Kitchen Think: Fed Up With Congress Ignoring Hungry Children

Could you feed your children on one dollar per child per meal?With five kids and a husband, I know it would be a struggle in my household.  But millions of American parents may have to send their children to bed with an empty stomach. Hard to believe, especially in this country, but it’s true....more