Birthday Shuffle V - Day 6 - Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I first heard this Lenny Kravitz song when he appeared onthe David Letterman Show.I liked the beat, and I immediatelydeveloped a girl crush on his drummer. This song is on my cycling playlist because I canrock out and keep pedaling to the beat. Of course, Lenny Kravitz is more familiar nowas Cinna on the "Hunger Games" series. ...more

Why President Coin is a Badass

There is a craze about Katniss right now. I support that, and agree with critics who say she's one of the strongest female characters in today's entertainment industry. I also agree that as a person, Jennifer Lawrence suits this quite nicely. ...more

Brief defense of Divergent

In Defense of Divergent Well the newest fad in Young Adult Literature is officially underway with it's movie coming out last Friday. Divergent by Veronica Roth is a book set in...wait for it... a dystopian future that kinda, sorta, really sucks. Society has been divided into groups, each with a different purpose and job and the protagonist is a spunky, proactive young woman who defies the rules of this controlling society. Is this sounding familiar to anyone else? Oh YEA! That Hunger Games thing.......more

Catching Fire!!

WARNING: there are spoilers ahead for Catching Fire and possibly the Hunger Games and Mockingjay as well so don't say I didn't warn you. Read at your own risk!!So last night I finally had a chance to see Catching Fire in theaters for the first time. I had to wait a long time to see it which made it all the sweeter. It turned into a mini-ordeal because the first theater I tried to see it at at 7:10 was sold out(!) so I ended up seeing it at 9:50 which means I was up really late and feeling surprisingly not zombie like for as little sleep as I got....more

When Reality Emulates Art (or, I Don’t Like Being #CapitolCouture)

I’ve written before about my obsession with the Capitol Couture campaign. It’s stunning to look at and elegantly executed. It serves as worldbuilding that enhances the Hunger Games movies and rewards readers of the books for their fandom and insider knowledge. A unique and creative concept, excellently executed. And hey, it’s a lot of fun....more

Sensibly Senseless

It’s almost becoming ridiculous that I keep letting myself fall short with the whole remembering-to-post-everyday situation. It’s not that I don’t want to, just that I’ll either forget or let time slip away from me. Nonetheless, I refused to let it happen tonight....more

Saturday Night Film

My husband is male bonding in a forest somewhere with a friend. Seriously, they are wild camping with their respective sons. In a tent somewhere. In the wild. In November.The Hunger Games...more

#Obsession: Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture is a high-end online magazine for the most sophisticated and fashion-forward members of Panem's Capitol. It's a narrow target audience, considering Panem only exists in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy. It may be the first publication dedicated fully to covering a fictional society (unless you have another for me? Comments. Link me, people.)...more

Why do we feel like we have to justify our parenting decisions?????

I have read so many blog posts about "The Hunger Games" lately.Parents talking about why they don't want their children to see the movie.Some talking about not allowing their children to read the book.They feel it is not appropriate for their children. As if they somehow feel the need to apologize for making a decision they feel is best for their own kids. Concerned about being judged by other parents as "too conservative" or not "with the times"....more