Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."The Hunger Games"

Are you "hungry" for a good read?  If so, look no further; "The Hunger Games" are here! ...more
I loved it. :-)more

Fans of The Hunger Games: Enthusiastic Readers or Bigoted Fandom?

Based on a wildly popular young-adult science fiction book trilogy, The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated movies hitting theaters in 2012. But months before the movie's premiere, the casting of the film is stirring one of 2011's hottest debates about race in Hollywood. The debate was stoked up again recently, as The Hunger Games trailers and posters were released to the public....more
Lets stop the hate, we are humans and at the end of the day we all need love and a purpose in ...more

I read The Hunger Games in 2 days.

I started reading The Hunger Games yesterday morning. And read, and read, and read.Shook myself free of the book to do what was necessary. Phone calls, quick conversations with people. Lunch.I got my to-do list done. And then I read some more....more
Wait. What? You hadn't already read this? I think you and I need to have a discussion about your ...more

Banned Books Week: Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games"

When Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games was released in 2008 it caused a sensation. The young adult book that was Survivor meets American Gladiator meets guerilla warfare. Collins reported came up with the idea while flipping channels between reality television and coverage of the war in Iraq. In the novel children were pitted against children in a televised game of kill or be killed. It was the fifth most challenged book in 2010. ...more
 @cooklaughlove No, the whole point of the book is to desensitized children against killing and ...more

Ep 10: Venti bold with room

In this episode I talk about how my training for the Lakefront  Marathon has been going over the past week: There’s running, yoga, more  running (in the heat), and biking. I order coffee (twice), become the  Secretary of Travel for all things Space Shuttle Launch related, sit in a  massage chair, and finish reading The Hunger Games. Enjoy!...more

Book Review - The Hunger Games

    When my daughter first mentioned her interest...more

The Hunger Games: I've finally fallen victim to the trilogy.

So I tried to ignore the constant pressure from friends, family and basically the general public to read The Hunger Games. I saw that it was constantly being mentioned along with Twilight and while I road the Twilight train already (and FYI I am so over Twilight) I wasn't ready to jump on another band wagon....more

I was honestly surprised by how good the books were (so many were making comparisons to Twilight ...more

books, books, and more books

I have been a book buying FOOL lately. Jonathan and I made a deal that neither of us are allowed to purchase a book for the next month, starting today. We just get so excited about deals and good looking books… and then we’ve spent our entire bank accounts on books. Okay.. maybe it isn’t that extreme. But still. I need to read the books I have and then increase my library. Here are some of my latest purchases. I’m eager to read all of them!...more

Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is set in futuristic North America in a country called Panem.  Life in North America is over as we know it.  Panem has a center of operations called The Capitol and twelve outlying districts that are titled merely by number.  Each year the Capitol requires two tributes, or sacrifices, from each district to participate in the Hunger Games.  Every name of every boy and girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen are put into a lottery, and a boy and girl from each District are chosen at random to participate in the annual televised fight to...more

It's definitely young adult and I've seen it most often described as ...more