Catching Fire: Why I Let My Kids Read and Watch The Hunger Games Trilogy

Over the past few years I've been met with questions, odd glances, and outright disapproval when someone learns my children have been allowed to read The Hunger Games Trilogy, see The Hunger Games movie, and to plan to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in a few days. Many feel that the storyline of child being pitted against child to the death is horrific. ...more
Proved to be a great adventurous movie, sad but hopeful.  Let's see this movie get some awards. :)more

Conflicted Summer

I had so many good intentions for this summer.I was going to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight along with read more, blog more, garden more......more
 @Linda Anselmi thanks Linda... I actually love the summer and could do without the rest of the ...more

Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."Mockingjay"

I finally completed the final book in The Hunger Games Trilogy; "Mockingjay".  The "mockingjay" was introduced in the first book and carried through to the last.  First, worn as a pin on Katniss Everdeen's clothing, it quickly took hold among the rebel forces in Panem when she won the Hunger Games and defied the Gamemakers.  It became the symbol of the rebel forces who dreamed of one day gaining their freedom. ...more

Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."Catching Fire" (Book 2 of "The Hunger Games")

Every chance I got during the busy Christmas season, I had my Kindle in hand continuing "The Hunger Games" trilogy.  I just completed Book 2: "Catching Fire" and it was as much of a compelling read as the first book. ...more